Top Tips For Beating The Humidity – Toni&Guy Broadbeach 

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We are loving these hot summer days, unfortunately one thing that can suffer is our hair. You know the scenario an hour of blowdrying and heat styling making your hair look it’s very best for your lunch or event and then you leave the house, out of the comfort of air conditioning and BEFORE you even arrive it’s gone flat, lost its style and if you are extra lucky is a large frizzy mess.

Do what can you do to minimise the effects of humidity? 

It’s starts in the shower 

Using an Anti-Frizz shampoo and deep conditioning treatment such as the Label.m Royal Yuzu Anti-Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask. Infusing the hair with as much moisture as possible so dry hair doesn’t go looking for moisture in the air. These steps definately help.

Get the prep right

Layering the correct hair care for your hair type. Like any prescription it isn’t one size fits all so seeing and understanding your particular hair type if key to recommending products. I would always start with some type of leave in conditioner whether a spray, a cream or an oil – using the right amount for your hair density. Then going in with the correct styling product over the top. Maybe an Anti Frizz Mist, Balm or curling cream depending on the desired look.

Finish off 

Using a good quality workable hairspray can really help seal everything in place –  we arnt talking about old school lacquer that goes white and stiff where the hair doesn’t move.

Another great option for is Haircare alone doesn’t cut it is a Keratin Smoothing Treatment – natural layers of keratin are fused to the outsides of each strand and locked into place with a hair iron. This lasts around 3 months and makes the hair shinier, more manageable, controls frizz and cuts down on styling time. A winner for these steamy days and nights.

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