Top 20 Albums for 2020 !!!!

WORDS: Graham Ashton PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

1. MINOR PREMIERS – SHEETS IN THE GARDEN – Brisbane four piece MINOR PREMIERS deliver the perfect album for me. If Lemonheads grew up in Brisbane they would sound like this. Perfect indie rock for the ages.

2. FUTUREBIRDS – TEAMWORK – Athens Georgia band FUTUREBIRDS deliver a stunning album that get’s better with each listen. Modern Psychedelic Country music with brilliant lyrics.

3. FIONA APPLE – FETCH THE BOLT CUTTERS – Always a fascinating artists delivers easily the album of her career. Feels like an artist who no longer cares what anyone else thinks.

4. TIA GOSTELOW – CHRYSALIS – 21 year old Mackay songstress couldn’t have titled this album better. It’s very clear that Tia is transforming from a girl to a women with confidence to burn.

5. DRIVE BY TRUCKERS – THE UNRAVELING – DRIVE BY TRUCKERS are clearly one of the most important voices in American music over the last decade or more. THE UNRAVELING brilliantly describes the car crash that was America in 2020.

6. RADNOR & LEE – GOLDEN STATE – Josh Radnor and Ben Lee have deeply connected as songwriters on their second album. Golden State is album full of hope.

7. MY MORNING JACKET – THE WATERFALL II – Legendary band from Louisville, Kentucky deliver their best album in many years. Their first couple of albums set the world on fire and this is easily as good as the early years.

8. CARSEAT HEADREST – MAKING A DOOR LESS OPEN – CARSEAT HEADREST is the brainchild of Seattle indie rocker Will Toledo and his mates. This is their most ambitious album yet and is definitely worth a deep dive.

9. ARBOR LABOR UNION – NEW PETAL INSTANTS – Georgian rockers ARBOR LABOR UNION deliver a truly joyous album with NEW PETAL INSTANTS. Lovers of MEAT PUPPETS will be mad for this.

10. ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVER – SIDEWAYS TO NEW ITALY – It has been said that SIDEWAYS TO ITALY is the most Australian sounding album in many years. Intelligent indie rock at it’s finest.

11. BRIGHT EYES – DOWN IN THE WEEKS WHERE THE WORLD ONCE WAS – The first new BRIGHT EYES album in 9 years initially fell a little flat compared to their previous album. Repeated listens proved my initial instincts wrong and proved that Conor Oberst is still one of the greats.

12. BALL PARK MUSIC – Much loved Brisbane band deliver their self titled 6th album and it feels like cool kids becoming even cooler adults. Their most self assured release to date will be remembered very fondly.

13. COUNTRY WESTERNS – Nashville rockers debut album is quickly finding fans all over the world. SOCIAL DISTORTION soaked vocals alongside roots rock n roll with melodies up the wazoo.

14. BOB MOULD – BLUE HEARTS – It has been said that there would have been no NIRVANA without BOB MOULD and his first band HUSKER DU. Blue Hearts is his most political work to date and his fans love the fact the fire still burns.

15. LAURA MARLING – SONG FOR OUR DAUGHTER – Grammy nominated London songstress co produced this one with the great Ethan Johns. It is one of those albums that continues to reveal greatness with each listen.

16. DELTA SPIRIT – WHAT IS THERE – Californian rockers first album in 6 years sound like great mates getting back together to do what they love for all of the right reasons.

17. TOM WEST – ANTARCTICA – Adelaide troubadour has played the far four corners of the globe over the last few years. ANTARCTICA beautifully and honestly depicts all of those experiences for the listener.

18. JAE LAFFER – THE LONG DAYDREAM – Jae is best known as the front man for much loved Perth band THE PANICS. His second solo album THE LONG DAYDREAM shows all of the promise of the best songs of his career.

19. FAT – GREASY TIMES – These Brisbane punk rockers have been at it for 30 years and this is their best work in quite some time. All the young punks should listen closely.

20. PHOEBE BRIDGES – PUNISHER – Much loved LA songwriter delivers effortless beauty with her second long player. Prepare to fall in love.