WORDS: Bernadette Cliff, style director and head technician, TONI&GUY Broadbeach PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied - TONI&GUY

Director at TONI&GUY Broadbeach, Dette recently travelled to London for their global collection launch and educators’ conference with a select number of the Australian team – to see the international global trend predictions in hair and fashion. 


TONI&GUY’s Revibe 6.0 collection embodies a spirit that is bold, courageous and strong. Built on a ‘This is me’ affirmation, the synergy of being authentic and unapologetic in oneself, standing in their own uniqueness and personal power forms the ideology of the collection.

This campaign celebrates a new cultural movement and the need to no longer hide after years of uncertainty. Instead, we are relinquishing a new skin, anchored to an inner strength that needs no outside validation or approval. It looks to an idea that you can be anyone, but nobody can ever be a better you.

The essence lies within a ‘Main Character Energy’ that is epitomised in five protagonists who are fearlessly themselves. They exude confidence, live life to the full and know their worth. These are the looks that transcend the seasons and can be worn all year round.

They know no boundaries and follow no trends. Instead, they re-define them.

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