WORDS: Jess Williams PHOTOGRAPHY Toni&Guy

The HAIR at TONI&GUY campaign is an electrifying journey into the brand’s future, setting the stage for an industry revolution. Committed to pushing hair boundaries, this hair collection isn’t just a new chapter – it’s a whole new book! Inspired by TONI&GUY’s iconic Transient collection, HAIR at TONI&GUY is a creative evolution while keeping our signature philosophy of beauty, suitability and individuality of lifestyle.

With the brand’s iconic heritage as the HAIR at TONI&GUY theme and ‘HAVE YOU HEARD’ as its underlying message, HAIR AT TONI&GUY signifies the brand’s next adventure full of exciting possibilities, while still embracing our renowned craftsmanship and expertise in hair.

“At TONI&GUY we’ve always believed in pushing the boundaries of creativity and offering our clients the best in hairstyling and fashion. HAIR at TONI&GUY is a manifestation of our commitment to innovation and excellence. We’re not just updating hairstyles; we’re transforming hairstyling into an electrifying art form. Our clients should be prepared to expect the extraordinary.”

Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY Global Creative Director and British/International Hairdresser of the Year