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Moving into autumn on the Gold Coast



We’ve combined this idea with the trend of natural movement that’s being continually embraced to give an individual take on curly hair.
The shape adds height at the top and reduces volume at the widest part of the hair while the perimeter sits with the texture and volume – reminiscent of the shape of a bow turned vertically.

Curls must be treated with care, and cut according to what your styling routine is at home. Meaning, if you scrunch your curls at home, that’s what we need to do in the salon to ensure they sit perfectly. Equally if you only ever blow-dry your curls and straighten them we need to take this into account. 

Adding moisture is key. Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair so layering conditioning treatments, leave in conditioners and curl products that fight frizz and bring back the springiness to curls, followed by shine top-coats will create the ultimate curl. Think big bouncy and frizz free!

One of the things we repeatedly hear from guests in our salon is that they love how their curl looks when it’s wet, but once the hair dries it’s a frizzy mess. Consultation is key but in 99 per cent of these scenarios we can fix that with the right cut and styling advice.


Our three top curl tips are:

1) Moisture moisture moisture! You will struggle to over do it!! 

2) Be gentle – no rough rubbing, tugging or brushing, the gentler you treat them the more they’ll behave

3) Cuts are key – hardly ever is length off a problem, but internal shape, weight and texture will give your hair the edge and keep it looking fabulous. 


Call Toni and Guy Broadbeach 07 55399444 for a complimentary, no obligation hair consultation.  


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