Tis the Season – As we hurtle toward the end of this tumultuous year, we are reminded it is the season to be jolly.


As we hurtle toward the end of this tumultuous year, we are reminded it is the season to be jolly. Except we don’t believe we have much to be jolly about. Our lives have been turned upside down, and in some instances, we have lost more than we can replace. Jobs, businesses, interpersonal relationships, health, and happiness have suffered severe damage.

“No,” the negative voice inside our head proclaims, “There’s nothing to be jolly about this season.”

It is this conditioned belief of struggle and stress that shackles us to lives of continuing disappointment, doubt, and despair. Little do we realise that every time we listen to the negative mind chatter and give it permission to inhabit our thoughts, we strengthen its influence over our health, well-being, and personal reality. We hand over the keys of our kingdom to the hostile invader in our head and wave the white flag of surrender.

We have been cajoled and convinced that keeping the faith in a brighter future is foolish. For just when we think it is safe to go back into the proverbial waters of hope and happiness, we’re dashed against the rocks of lockdowns and border closures. We’re emotionally exhausted and mentally mashed. On the brink of collapse, we’ve subscribed to the collective panic and a hostile world view. Yet fear attracts more fear.

To escape this chaotic uncertainty and find clarity in the current global crisis, we must give up the old limited human perspective and adopt a new frame of reference—one that uplifts rather than defeats, one that inspires joy rather than promotes suffering.

Austrian Holocaust survivor, neurologist, psychiatrist and author, Viktor Frankel wrote, “When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

2020 has certainly challenged us to change. Change our self-identity, our world view, and our beliefs, thoughts, values, energy, words, and actions. Those who have met the challenge and embraced change, rather than resist it have thrived and prospered. They have shifted their perspective and begun to master their mindset and emotions. With renewed hope and certainty, they have forged forward into a brighter future, right in the face of adversity.

We all stand at the threshold of one of life’s defining moments this season, and we each have the same choice—joy or suffering. Though the sinister voice of fear in our head tries to convince us otherwise, our heart whispers, “Now is the season to be jolly. Keep the faith. The best is yet to come.”

Making this shift of perspective and mastering our mindset is not predominantly about what we do or have. It’s about who we are being, particularly during these uncertain and unnerving times.

So, who will you need to be to create the reality you desire the most in 2021?  Because if you are not currently living that reality, you are going to have to make some changes and resonate to a higher level of consciousness.

Make a list of the qualities of your new empowered state of being. See if you can write 50!

For example: I am happy, I am strong, I am compassionate, I am good enough, I am creative.

Keep this list and refer to it daily as you embark on the new you. What you choose will set the energetic premise for 2021 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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