Things To Know Before Getting A Tattoo Removal

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Nowadays, tattoos are becoming a fashion symbol, and people carry it because for multiple reasons. Inking your skin is a task of precision. There can be a situation when you regret the tattoo you had and may think of removing it. You might or might not have gathered about laser tattoo removal, by the reality associated with it is that removing a tattoo can be troublesome, if you do not find the best person for this task.

Though These tattoos are permanent, they might remove following safety procedures if you do not want them for a longer time. Therefore, one needs to take care of many things and know before they remove the tattoo. Thus, keep in mind the below points will be helpful:

Talk with a tattoo specialist: A tattoo removal expert or a doctor can come as a great help. Removing a tattoo is not just a task, but it also requires other procedures to be followed before. Therefore, consulting the right doctor can help you get a good idea about all you need to keep in mind.

The process does not give you result in one day: Yes, people often tend to be confused and think that removing the tattoo is a one-day task. However, a tattoo’s complete removal and disappearance takes time. When you go for the first session, the particles break down, and your body starts healing and making new cells; therefore, the cycles of treatment can range from 5-8 sessions depending on how your tattoo is and how effective the treatment is being on you. Sometimes the difference between each session can be 6-8 months. This depends on the type and size of the tattoo. You must enquire beforehand about this.

Expensive than getting a tattoo: Yes, the hard reality here is having a tattoo might be cheaper than the cost of removing it. It can charge you thousands of rupees for visits to the doctor and going through the treatment procedure. Therefore, tattoo removal costs depend on the size, age of the tattoo, color, etc.

The response of the treatment may vary based on color: Expert tattoo removal artist says that laser tends to remove dusky colors such as black, dark blue, dark grey, etc. quicker than a light color. It is believed that laser gets attracted towards dark shades more than light pigmented colors. Therefore, the light colors are more stubborn to remove.

Book your schedules prior: Sessions of laser removal can vary from person to person and the type of tattoo you might be having. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to your booking and book your slots on a prior basis. Hence reserving your slot prior would help you get appointments and treatment on time.

Pain during the session is possible: Pain during the removal session is very normal, but it can vary from person to person. The artist would render you with skin-numbing cream that helps to soothe and lower the pain. But still, many feel pain during the process; hence staying calm can help you out.

Feeling of discomfort: People tend to feel discomfort after their tattoo removal session, which is normal to experience. In extreme pain, rashes, or skin itchiness, you can consult your doctor for remedies to it.

To get the best results without any side-effects, you must choose a professional who has years of experience in removing tattoos.


Therefore, getting a tattoo might sound easy and fun, but removing it can be a big task. Thus, always think twice before having a tattoo, and save yourself from spending huge money in removing it.