The Voltin Victory


Unlocking the Value of Artificial Intelligence

The topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been controversial to say the least for years, being dismissed as mere science fiction or simply not a possibility in our lifetime. Only in the past decade have people begun to normalise and accept AI as an inevitable scientific and economic evolution in our current society. Since its conception, researchers have been looking for ways in which AI can benefit humanity and the economy as a whole.

Highly innovative, Australian owned company, Voltin, is one of the few companies in Australia openly celebrating the integration of Artificial Intelligence within the Civil Engineering industry.

The company is introducing groundbreaking new technologies in order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of building facade inspections. These inspections are regulated with the goal of assessing the condition and safety of buildings and other infrastructure with the goal of extending the overall lifespan and sustainability.

Voltin is one of the few companies in the industry that are taking advantage of AI technology. Without it, these inspections are often limited in scope, expensive and inaccurate. The benefits of AI result in unique 21st century digital assessments with 100% accuracy.

The company uses autonomous data capture as well as fully digitised Artificial Intelligence analysis capable of Building Information Modelling (BIM) integration. Their mission is to utilise advanced technology in order to identify potential and current defects in infrastructure, resulting in corrective action and improved economic conditions.

This is accomplished through a revolutionary, proprietary AI-Engine with the ability to process high-resolution visual data in order to accurately locate and identify defects and anomalies such as corrosion, surface cracks, water marks and even paint peeling in a 3D building replication.

Voltin is one of the first companies in the industry to create an interactive digital model with geographical identification metadata, also known as geotagging. This enables accurate and cost-effective imagery acquisition, resulting in the identification of both potential and current defects in infrastructure.

This groundbreaking technology enables reduced costs and increased efficiency and flexibility, causing positive market disruption. The company’s innovation has resulted in an estimated 30% reduction in costs compared to more traditional methods.

Voltin aims to broaden its market and increase awareness surrounding the value of Artificial Intelligence in society and the limitless possibilities for potential growth and economic improvement.