The science of great hair: Oscar Oscar Salons’ bespoke hair treatments the secret to healthy tresses


You can customise your handbag, shoes, mobile and car, so why shouldn’t the same go for our haircare? 

In line with the ‘customisation’ trend du jour, leading luxury hair salon brand, Oscar Oscar Salons, and haircare innovation experts, Kerastase Paris, are delivering tailor made, salon-exclusive hair treatments for those who know that when it comes to great hair, a ‘one size fits all’ treatment isn’t going to cut it.

Kerastase’s scientifically developed Fusio-Dose rituals take luxe haircare to the next level, combining hair analysis technologies with super-concentrated doses of hair-saving active ingredients and nutrient complexes to provide an instant hair transformation with lasting results.

The science starts in salon with the Kérastase Diagnostic Camera, which takes a snapshot of the hair strand at a magnitude of 600 times to deliver an accurate hair diagnosis in order to assess hair damage and specific concerns such as breakages, dryness, dull colour and over processing.

After your hair’s real needs are identified, the Oscar Oscar stylist takes on the role of scientist, carefully combining high dosage concentrates and boosters to develop a bespoke creation to target your primary and secondary hair concerns in a single application.

The infusion of natural oils and active ingredients meanwhile create an unrivalled formula that penetrates the hair’s core to remedy its current condition. And all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the lavish process while the Oscar Oscar stylist creates the most personalised fix for your individual hair needs.


Commenting on the unique product and service, Owner and Director of Oscar Oscar Salons, Oscar Cullinan, explains the personalised ‘ritual’ is a scientific process but perfect for those wanting genuine results in under 10 minutes.

“Just as you would expect to receive a customised skincare evaluation according to your skin type from your beauty therapist, we pride ourselves on offering our guests with a tailor-made haircare diagnosis based on their individual requirements,” says Oscar.  

“The multiple treatment combinations allow us to curate custom solutions for every hair and scalp concern that’s truly unique to each and every salon guest. Your hair cut and colour is distinctive of your personality and style, and we believe your haircare regime should be equally as personalised.” 

Kerastase Personalised Hair Rituals are available at all Oscar Oscar Salons. To find your nearest salon, head to www.oscaroscar.com.au.


About Oscar Oscar Salons
Oscar Oscar Salons has celebrated over 26 years creating award-winning and glamorous hair under the direction of celebrity hairdresser Oscar Cullinan, twice-awarded Australian Hairdresser of the Year.

First opening in Brisbane in 1989, Oscar Oscar Salons spans 15 locations across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, offering luxury services, the world’s best hair-care and styling products, relaxing treatments, indulgent client refreshment menus and sleek salon designs.

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