The power to make a better world

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Some of the Gold Coast’s most dynamic change makers have opened the door to a new way of tackling the greatest challenges facing humankind at the inaugural New World Leadership Summit.

THE winter sun is glinting off the harbour at Sanctuary Cove and there’s a sense of purpose, passion, positivity and empowerment in the air – along with plenty of love.

Twenty guests and facilitators – some of Australia’s most dynamic women and one brave dynamo of a man – have gathered aboard the spectacular superyacht, Ocean Alexander 28 Explorer, for the New World Leadership Summit.

Summit founder Natalie King, of women’s networking group Birds in Formation, has invited them all here to discuss what they hope will be a rippling paradigm shift in global thinking as humankind grapples with challenges including mental health and the aftermath of the pandemic, climate catastrophes, military conflict and the corrosive cost of living crisis. It’s a new paradigm that emphasises love, compassion and understanding for ourselves and others – in a bid to build a better, more productive, less combative and conflicted world.

“We envisage that connections will be made to action solutions for a better world to empower each other to be the change they want to see in the world”, Natalie said.

“As a New World Leader, we allow ourselves to own our unique gifts and recognise others as equals regardless of their beliefs and experiences. We drive with authenticity, well intent and accept that we are sovereign beings, yet connected to each other and all that there is.

We believe we can make significant changes to the well-being of our population and our planet by accepting each other as brothers and sisters,” the pitch for the summit explains.

To support the pledge, the New World Leadership Summit is fundraising for Serving Our People.

“We align with the Serving Our People vision to help change the mindset of humanity globally, by creating consciousness to do an act of service as part of one’s life routine.

“People are like bricks; sometimes we fall, and then we just need to help lift each other back up, as when one person rises – we all do. And when you help someone, the positive ripples that come from helping someone go even further.

The opulent Ocean Alexander 28 Explorer is a suitably novel space for these changemakers to gather, providing far more stimulating surroundings than any hotel conference room possibly could. Built by Alexander Marine, the world’s third-largest superyacht manufacturer, this floating mansion was unveiled at this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and quickly became a favourite. The vessel boasts three levels of absolute luxury, including four ensuited staterooms and an on-deck master with a king-sized island bed, a stunning sky lounge with Italian furnishings, wet bar and jacuzzi, a gym, supersized teak swimming platform and six big-screen TVs.

Gobsmacked guests and facilitators eagerly shed their shoes and step aboard for the morning session of the New World Leadership Summit which starts with an introductory talk from Natalie in the Skylounge. The morning session features inspirational, powerful and thought-provoking presentations from big-name facilitators like Bec McMillan, Nicole Gibson and Dani Stevens and a meditation session that has all onboard in a state of sheer emotional release, if not pure bliss.

Then it’s over to the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort for a sumptuous lunch and a lively round table discussion in the elegant Verandah Restaurant, with Ocean Road there to capture the vibe. Over clinking glasses and silverware, Natalie confides her own struggles during the pandemic, which led her to grow wings and take flight with Birds in Formation.

“Birds In Formation used to be a networking group to support Women in Business, but when the pandemic hit Australia, we shut the doors, turned within and stopped events” she says. “It triggered so much anguish and anxiety I didn’t even know I had; it felt like my heart was pumping on the outside of my chest, dealing with the segregation happening around the world and also within families and communities. There was confusion, distrust in our leaders and a revelation of new realities.

“Like many, I started questioning everything, seeing the world with different eyes, which was very uncomfortable and unsettling on top of the mental and physical health threats and financial instabilities we were collectively experiencing. The system was no longer working for me, so I just wanted to leave society and run for the hills. But then I realised that I really, really like to be around people, and that many were feeling the same way. So why don’t I try and turn this around instead?

“So, I called a council, reaching out to all the powerful women I know to create the New World. We relaunched Birds in Formation – New World Forward on the 22.2.22 portal to support women in the transition to the New World – physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically through collaboration, compassion and community. The momentum then brought me to think even bigger a few months down the track, now inviting leaders, change makers and thought leaders to step onboard this spectacular luxury yacht, which signifies the ark in a sense, as we are building the foundations for the New World.”

Natalie tells those assembled that her mission is to contribute to the positive ripple effect in the world by being happy, fulfilled, soul aligned and self-actualised.

“I have passion to motivate and inspire people to do the same,” she says. “And when I get to collect and connect people who align with my vision, we get to collaborate, to amplify the message of love and compassion for the greater good, because that is how we are going to move forward.

Today, we get to share an experience of human connection. And it all starts with you, because when you learn to truly love and appreciate yourself, have compassion towards yourself and don’t judge yourself – that’s when you can expand and offer that same courtesy to others.

“We are in a shift between the old and the new. We have the opportunity, the awareness, the capability, the competency and the empowerment to actually make the choice to create the new world. To be the change that we want to see in the new world.”

Natalie gets the discussion going by asking the guests and facilitators why it’s important to have summits such as this.

“It’s about walking our talk,” says CEO of health & edu-tech company Positive Prime Positive Prime, Kim Serafini. “If we can’t take time out to nurture ourselves, we can’t expect that the people we serve will take time out to go through our processes or our treatments, or our retreats or read our books. In that opportunity for self-love, we actually then come into resonance with an energy that allows us to heal the planet and each other in the process.”

“Natalie concurs. Self-love is doing what you love, whether that is taking time out for yourself, or whether you actually chose to live and work, spending your day doing what you love.

We are not here to please others, but to inspire others by acting in alignment with our truth, which ultimately benefits the greater good if our intent is good. Part of today’s objective is for our amazing facilitators to educate and remind us about some of the tools and resources that are available to us now, in additional to the love, guidance and support, so that we can understand more about who we really are and what we are here to do.

That clarity helps us to lead and inspire our teams and our communities into a new era where everyone owns their own gifts and operate from a space of love and authenticity.

Responding to uplifting comments from guests around the modalities used in the summit sessions, being a combination of breathwork, relaxation techniques, coaching, workshops and meditation, inspiring speaker and thought leader Bec McMillan states: “It’s a multi-dimensional event, and we are all multi-dimensional beings. In the normal world, we go to work, we have to do this and be that. Breaking that model since we understand there is more to life, there is more to us and what we are capable of, means having the multi-dimensional tools, education and awareness.

The key is balance and realising that we’re not robots.”

Gold Coast entrepreneur, Rebecca Pask, notes that while it may take a village to raise a child, ‘it takes a community to change the world’.

“I wanted to come and be expanded by everyone’s wealth of knowledge. This is a community that I wanted to tap into today. It’s very powerful.”

Enthused guest Hannah Louise agrees: “It’s a beautiful group.”

“It’s that community using its leverage to amplify each other, because that power is what a community actually needs to build a new community on the side of love,” she says.

Another facilitator, ‘deep belief hacker’, quantum coach and healer Mell Balment, says people are ‘a bit tired of the old ways things have been done … a lot of competition, a lot of masculinity, a lot of pushing’.

“The art of intuitive knowing seems to be dulled down or even made wrong,” she says.

“So, I see the new way forward for leaders is to come together collectively to show that everybody’s unique, intuitiveness, guidance and knowing, one, has a place, and two, is actually in harmony.

“There are so many people trying in isolation, versus in collaboration, to come together and say, ‘we’re tired of the old, we’ve tried it that way’.

How many people have started business and it’s been a slog because we were taught the old methods that are just becoming boring and obsolete. We’ve seen through it, there’s no vulnerability. The new leadership style has been demonstrated today – collective, intuitive, the bridge between spirituality, love, logic and luxury.”

Natalie agrees, pointing out that the Ocean Alexander 28 Explorer is definitely not your average conference venue, let alone meditation space.

“The emotional realise we experienced in Sian’s beautiful meditation in the luxurious skylounge today show that we are capable and safe in holding space for each other without judgement. Vulnerability is how we relate to each other and find common ground.


The summit’s lone brave male facilitator, transformational coach Brett D. Scott, says the mainstream media narrative ‘is not coming from this direction’.

“This is why having a love-focused group of people who are leading the way, we get to infect potentially a lot more people with a positive, uplifting way of taking more control over their lives, rather than reacting to how they have to live” he says.

“If all of us transformational leaders can focus on continually improving ourselves and focus on sharing that knowledge with others, we can’t help but unite humanity” “at least that’s my opinion” declares Brett

Award-winning speaker and author Graziella Thake says the summit is about both giving and receiving. “We’re listening to each other’s stories and we’re realising that our value together is more powerful than our singular value,” she says.

“As big as a conference can be, congregations like this – when we share, listen, figure out ways to help each other and we don’t compete – that’s what it’s about.”

Natalie adds: ‘When you learn to appreciate your own unique qualities and gifts, that you are in fact needed in the world and that everyone has something to offer, then there is no need for competition!

The discussion turns to sacrifice. “I believe we will still be challenged by the ups and downs of life, but we are waking up to a more conscious version of ourselves moving forward, where we are able to deal with challenges without attachments to shame, guilt and judgement. So, are we done with sacrifice? Because I’m exhausted,” Natalie says, as guests nod their heads in agreement.

Multi-preneur, speaker and author Marlie Jolanda contends that so-called sacrifice is all about ‘a level of surrendering’, as one might surrender to the seasons rather than resist them. “Snow can be fabulous and quite fun if you wear the right clothes,” she says. “You can turn it into enjoying whatever kind of challenge you might have and recognise that as part of the transformation, the circle of life.”

Quantum healer, wealth and success coach Sian Whitewolf opines that ‘sacrifice is part of the cycle of life … it teaches us and without it, we can’t rebirth’.

Sian suggests the idea of supporting each other is also something we should all nurture in our children and wonders aloud at the boundless possibilities if we do.

Utilities sector executive and event facilitator Nancy Katsimberis, believes heart-centred leadership and collaboration is the way of the future. “It’s important to merge the corporate world with innovation, fun and service,” she says.

“It is pertinent that we create community and a culture that engages our youth to be change-makers and to empower them to effect change in the world. It’s our responsibility to build better, more inclusive collaborative models for business which help liberate people financially to earn an annuity income stream and also give back to philanthropic initiatives that tug on their heart strings.

“Growing up in South Africa, I have been instilled with the concept of Ubuntu, which is the understanding that ‘I am, because we are’.

If we all understood this, then we would naturally embody the human virtues and be humble, kind and compassionate to every person we meet and truly seek to find the gift in them. Every person is a mirror, teaching us something for our own evolution, for we are all one.”

Marlie believes removing judgement is a key to change. We all have different upbringings and beliefs and instead of insisting that our way is the right way, the opportunity is to remain curious and accepting to other perspectives instead of letting our triggers to our disagreement decide what’s right or wrong.

Graziella adds: “So maybe we walk away with one task to be supportive of people and appreciate them as equals. Maybe we don’t try to achieve everything. Maybe we just do what we do and empower everyone around us. It’s not always finding the big solutions.”

Natalie agrees: “That’s a start. I don’t have solutions for world hunger or the rental crisis, but I know that collectively, we can find the resources we need and start changing the culture of how we support ourselves and each other.”

The afternoon program is equally packed with inspiration, ideas and information on how to bring about New World change, with facilitator sessions and a combined conversation on moving into financial decentralisation, before Natalie wraps up a thoroughly absorbing and engaging program on the beautiful bow of the Ocean Alexander motor yacht with Nancy’s channelled New World Manifesto ceremony that has guests and facilitators joining a circle to forge their intentions in visualisation of a world in unity.

As the sun sets over Sanctuary Cove, the New World Leadership Summit participants celebrate the event’s success with bubbles, canapes and party tunes from The Voice Australia’s Xy Latu. Having completed an inspiring, unique and memorable day of creating the vision of the New World, Natalie sums up the sentiment of the day perfectly.

“I believe that you are the sun in your universe. And when you’re not feeling 100 per cent, then it’s felt in every part of your community, starting from your inner circle of friends and family and rippling outwards,” she says. “If we can learn to have more love and compassion for ourselves, and understand that we are all worthy, and in fact just as perfect as the day we were born, we can start peeling the layers of programming that have made us feel inadequate along with the judgement, unrealistic expectations and self-sabotage that have left us feeling stressed and unsatisfied.  If we can help each other to feel safe and supported, then that’s a start.”

Part-proceeds from the summit aided Serving Our People, a Gold Coast-based charity working to feed the homeless and help others in need. Visit to learn more.

The New World Leadership Summit was realised with the help of sponsors and donors including QLD Headshots and QLD Film Festival, entertainer Xy Latu, Secrets Shhh, Swoon Group, its facilitators, Natalie King Attention to Life, Birds in Formation – New World Forward, and Ocean Road Magazine. Visit for more on the New World Leadership Summit and upcoming events.

Community care

THE New World Leadership Summit adopted Gold Coast-based Serving Our People as its official charity.

Established in March 2020 as the COVID-19 epidemic began to sweep the world, SOP started by delivering groceries, meals and medical supplies to the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable people in isolation, and also played a major relief role earlier this year during the devastating floods across southeast Queensland and northern NSW.

With an army of more than 1200 volunteers and an ability to deliver 25,000 meals a year, SOP has become one of Australia’s fastest-growing charities, helping 52,000 recipients to date.

SOP founder Yas Matbouly was a guest at the New World Leadership Summit lunch and came away suitably impressed.

“Having a collective of like-minded individuals from many different sectors to promote and strengthen the role of women in leadership is one of the biggest solutions to the issues we have in this world today,” Yas says.

“There’s a saying that the world is like a bird with a male and female wing. When both are equal, the bird can soar. You need male and female leaders to make that happen, but unfortunately many leadership roles are male-dominated.”

“To see the number of female leaders at the summit and their positive mindset was truly inspiring and amazing. The participants were all focused on doing things for the betterment of humanity, which aligns exactly with what Serving Our People does as a charity on so many levels.”

New World Leadership Summit Facilitators

Brett D. Scott

Transformational Coach & Founder
Super Charged Freedom

“Becoming The Hero Of Your Own Journey”

Brett is the world’s first Late bloomer Thought Leader. Having operated in many different careers including Hotels, Real Estate sales & Fitness, Brett finally discovered how to break through his own limitations and achieve incredible success and freedom via Metaphysics.

Brett now operates an established, highly ethical Mindset coaching business with his team. He has helped many clients to achieve high-level awards, change careers, earn 3,5,10x their income and much more. Interestingly, he’s done that for himself too; TEDx Talk published, Multi-award winning author, Beam in Business & The Accolades Man to Watch 2021 and popular podcast Mastering Success, amongst other things. Brett’s mission is to genuinely and positively impact millions of people to live their version of success and freedom.

Mell Balment

Deep Belief Hacker
Quantum Coaching & Healing

“Linking Logic with Love”

Having experienced the trifecta of child abuse, rape and cancer, Mell is the founder of UnWaveRed Awareness. She believes greatness is achieved through surrender, self-compassion and grace, for the challenges we’ve endured.

Driven by a mission to take a woo out of woo-woo, Mell simplifies the understanding of consciousness. Supporting the integration of strategy and spirituality to amplify impact, driven by soul wisdom.

As a multi, award-winning, quantum healer, Mell partners with empaths to clear procrastination and fears about leaving their legacy.

Mell is also part of the new crypto era, sharing her passive income solution for sovereign independence.

Kim Serafini

Keynote Speaker, BestSelling Author & CEO
Positive Prime

“Technology To Support Our New States Of Being”

As the Founder and CEO of the health & edu-tech company Positive Prime, Kim is leading new trends in health and wellness, self-care and technological solutions. Her career has involved filming interviews with many of the world’s highest-profile business leaders, acclaimed scientists, and the most famous self-help gurus to confirm the right approaches, to employ towards personal and professional transformation. Devoted to helping others make significant, long-lasting, rapid & successful changes Kim is committed to continually innovating and leading with advanced technologies.

She’s a much-loved executive coach & business advisor, a bestselling author, world-class keynote speaker, angel investor and the inventor of Lithos Therapy. Having lived and worked in over 5 regions of the world, Kim loves traveling and affectionately sharing her philosophy of positivity in other cultures… living up to her title of The Queen of Gratitude.

Sian Whitewolf

Quantum Healer, Wealth & Success Coach
Pathway to Freedom

“Connecting Back To The Ancient” – Meditation

Sian grew up in outback desert country and has been working with ancient star knowledge and quantum energy for over 25 years. Running numerous retreats and workshops on the East coast of Australia, and working with clients worldwide, Sian uses her healing techniques to inspire, heal and awaken others.

Sian uses a wholistic approach to her client’s transformation, focusing on shifting patterns and beliefs that no longer serve, and empowering the soul with vision and transcendental healing.

Using a vast tool belt of knowledge gathered over years of quantum energy, sound, shamanic journey, animal healing, shadow work and mindset coaching, Sian opens people up to their best versions of self through a journey of re-remembering, so they can live their life and dreams of abundance, happiness, purpose and self- empowerment.

Marlie Jolanda

Multipreneur – Speaker – Author
Secret SisinBiz Society

“Leading From Our Divine Feminine In Business”

Marlie is an award-winning Multipreneur, Professional Speaker and International Bestselling Co-Author with salubrious energy. As a Meaningful Marketing & Business Coach she helps Entrepreneurs-on-a-Mission to 6-7 figures, by turning more potential customers into paying clients with her proven methods and her background, starting her career at BMW Group Netherlands, and later helping hundreds of business owners and launched various successful businesses in Coaching, Presenting and Networking-for-Women.

As the founder of Secret SisinBiz Society, Marlie is changing the way women do business around the world. Her mission is to share Secrets-of-Success with more than 2 million Sisters-in-Business to help them grow personally & professionally with her #winwinwin model. She is also dedicated to giving back as the founding Vice-President of the Gold Coast Rotary Passport Club. Her goal is to donate over $1 million to charities.

Nancy Katsimberis

Australian Utilities Company

“The Gift”

Nancy Katsimberis is the Management Executive and Co-Founder of Australian Utilities Company, and on the board of the National Customer Code Council for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers. With over 9 years’ experience in the utilities sector and a passion for sustainability, she has presented at local and international conferences, and is a thought leader in the area of prepaid metering for utilities.

Passionate about heart-centred leadership, collaboration and giving back to her community, Nancy is the President of the Gold Coast Passport Rotary Club and the secretary and grant writing manager for Serving Our People.

Awarded the 2021 Top 100 Women In Construction, the Winner of the Unsung Hero Award for International Women’s Day Heart of Women Awards 2022 and the Winner of the Heart of Australia Award for Australia Day 2022. Nancy is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.

Special Guests

Nicole Gibson
CEO inTruth Technologies

Speaking on “Love-Based Leadership, Extracting The Vision Within”

Dani Stevens
‘Evangelist of Positivity’

Speaking on “Supporting Your Vessel And Enjoying The Juggle”

Bec McMillan

Inspiring Woman, Speaker
& Spiritual Thought Leader

Speaking on “From Adversity To Succes”