The new era of RTDs has arrived with Mandatory Twisted

WORDS: Richard J. Figuera PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Australian owned Mandatory Spirit Co has today announced a game-changing twist in the world of ready-to-drink flavoured vodkas: Mandatory Twisted – the new premium vodka RTD that is breaking new ground boasting Australia’s only non-carbonated vodka premix, and Australia’s first vodka RTD, packed in a resealable and recyclable carton, setting a new standard for sustainability, convenience, and safety for the festival and party goers.

Enjoy a drink that’s better for the environment and better for you, in stores from 6th of May with Mandatory Twisted. Twist off the cap to be delighted by two deliciously bold and fruity flavours: Dark Fruits & Vodka and Passionfruit Vodka Punch. Crafted to tantalise your taste buds, these new beverages are bursting with natural flavours and freshness without the fizz, making it light on the belly. The smooth non-carbonated texture, boasts a 4% ABV, with zero sugar, keeping them light at just 72 calories per serving. Additionally, they’re preservative-free, gluten-free, and proudly vegan-friendly, ensuring a guilt-free refreshment.

With Mandatory Spirit Co offering the only non-carbonated vodka RTD in a Tetra Pak in Australia, the resealable lid allows you to preserve the freshness of these delicious flavours for longer, making it easy to take to any party, preventing spills, while also keeping you safe from drink spiking.

With this brand new range, Mandatory Spirit Co is committed to further reducing their carbon footprint by using renewable resources in the new plant-based packaging. The new Prisma Pak packaging produces a 6.5x lower carbon footprint than traditional packaging like plastic bottles, glass and cans.  What’s more, 70% of this innovative packaging is made from renewable sources making it 100% recyclable, and it can even be repurposed into building materials, with businesses like the Tesla Factory and KFC making use of this recycled packaging.

Say goodbye to glass, plastic, and cans – this plant-based carton is the sustainable choice, making it a win-win for consumers and the environment.

Mandatory Spirit Co. Co-Founder, Mark Collins, comments on the exciting new range: “As we embark on this groundbreaking journey, I am thrilled to launch our revolutionary sustainable range of flavoured vodka RTDs, meticulously crafted and thoughtfully packed in a sustainable carton. This innovation not only redefines convenience but also emphasises our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption. With this world-first initiative, we aspire to inspire a new era of conscious drinking, where every sip reflects our dedication to both taste and the planet.”

Mandatory Twisted is available from First Choice Liquor stores nationwide for $20 for a four pack.

For more information, visit the Mandatory Spirit Co website: mandatoryspiritco.com.au