The Cost of an Aussie Wedding

aussie wedding

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With so many things to take into consideration and a bunch of ideas you have to incorporate into one perfect day, planning a wedding is harder than most people realize. One of the biggest challenges is the budget – how much money can you spend, how much are you willing to spend, will you be able to afford it all and, ultimately, what if you can’t? Knowing how much your wedding will cost in advance is vital, so here’s an estimate of an average Aussie wedding.

What is an “average” Aussie wedding?

The concept of “average weddings” is constantly changing under the influence of social media and the entertainment industry, and things are quite different from what they were back in the day. Although most Australians used to say their vows in intimate and small ceremonies, today modern brides and grooms want things to be expensive and luxurious. 

That’s why they book high-profile bands and singers, set up fireworks, set hundreds of doves fly in the air as they say their “I dos”, search for remote locations and buy extravagant clothes that cost a fortune. Trends are changing in the wedding industry and people are willing to spend crazy amounts of money, but is breaking the bank absolutely necessary in order to have a romantic wedding?

Popularity and extravagance

The reason why the Aussie wedding industry is gaining so much popularity today is the number of people who want to make their special day extra special. They want a venue nobody else can afford, a world-class photographer, the best wedding dress in the world and a band that can play for hours and hours without stopping. 

Due to that, an average Australian wedding costs about $60K nowadays, but some couples take it even further and are willing to spend up to a full $100,000. Of course, you don’t have to spend that much if you’re not ready to, but before settling on a budget, make a list of all the costs and rationalize them if you can.

The actual costs

So, how much money is all of this going to cost? Wedding venues go from $1,000 to $5,000, while decorations, flowers and wedding furniture might take this amount up to $10,000. Also, keep in mind that a great celebrant will definitely charge between $1,000 and $1,500, while a photographer can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, especially on a remote location. 

You’ll have to set aside more than $5,000 for popular wedding bands and DJs, which is quite a lot, but keep in mind that music is an essential part of the wedding. Finally, think about food, beverages and the actual venue, and give your guests something to talk about on their way home. Stick to authentic local options, so hire a venue in Western Sydney if you want to feed your friends and family properly.

The list of costs

Most people are unaware what exactly they have to pay when planning a wedding. Yes, they understand how important and expensive a perfect wedding dress is, but what about everything else? So, some of the costs they’ll have to plan include the venue, celebrant, wedding band or DJ, flowers and decorations, photographer and/or videographer, as well as food and beverages. None of these items is cheap, but you can’t plan a wedding without them, nor should you settle for anything less than perfect.

The results

While all of these numbers seem high for people with an average income, the question isn’t whether you can spend less, but how you’ll feel on the most special day of your life. Your happiness has no price, so give yourself a wedding you deserve.