Tech Got Tasty


As the dining renaissance sweeps the Gold Coast, so to is a wave of inspired home cooks looking for ideas. In-store cooking demonstrations at Harvey Norman Bundall are a great way to watch a professional show you just what new technology can do – and ensure you’re entirely confident when you get your new appliances home.


The awesome Cooking Inspiration Gallery at Harvey Norman Bundall is a treasure trove of ovens, impressive design and the very latest in cooking technology.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to push your home cooking to the next level but are unsure where to start – this is it! Head along to one of the in-store cooking demonstrations which run four days a week (Thursday-Sunday).

Harvey Norman Bundall Cooking Demonstrator, Amela Dajic tells ORM, “When demonstrating post purchase products I love to teach customers how to use the products confidently by themselves. More often then not, we spend around an hour hands-on demonstrating.

“Firstly, I get to understand what every customer needs. In the pre-purchase demonstration I find out more about what they love or like to cook, and what products they’re currently using. I always start from there so I can explain the benefits of specific products suited to them.

“In the post purchase demonstration I show customers how to use the products they purchased step by step. I ask them to repeat the steps and show me that they can use each function.

“There’s always a lot of questions! That’s why myself and the team are here to help. While cooking, I give as many pointers on how to use each product a possible. I also give customers lots of ideas on what they could cook for themselves, especially with new technology such as steam cooking.

“With these incredible new technological innovations, anyone can cook like a master chef. These products allowed even beginners to create amazing, healthy, delicious meals at home. Our Cooking Inspiration Gallery demonstrations show every customer a new dimension of what it’s possible to create with in your own home to make it an inspirational experience.”





There’s no healthier or tastier way to prepare food than in a Series 8 steamer or combination steam oven. When gently cooked in steam, food retains its vitamins and aroma while bringing out the full and natural flavor. Vegetables stay fresh and crisp, while poultry and fish remain juicy and tender. With steam, you can even cook without adding oil or extra seasoning. The Combi Steam Oven is the most versatile oven you can purchase. It allows you to cook like a traditional oven whilst infusing steam into the cooking process to give you the most perfect results every time.

The Bosch Pyro Oven allows you to clean the oven at a touch of a button. During the cleaning function, the oven heats up to 480c to burn off any grease or food residue. At the end of the process, a small residual amount of ash will be left at the bottom, which can be easily wiped out.
Enamel trays are also pyro proof, which means you can leave them in the oven during the cleaning process.
The Bosch 4D Hot Air System allows you to place your food on any shelf and the results will be perfect. The rotating fan alternates its direction during cooking to distribute the heat evenly on every level.

The SmartSense Induction Cooktop comes with an active surface control. This gives you automatic pan detection and auto off, meaning it will only heat where the saucepan is placed and will turn off once the pan is taken off the surface.
With three auto regulated temperatures you can boil water or simmer chocolate without ever having to worry. It also has three separate timers allowing you the luxury of cooking three items in separate pans to finish at different times if need be.



In-store cooking demonstrations

Thursday – Sunday.

Start: midday.

Got a question? Are you renovating and looking for inspiration? The dedicated team at Harvey Norman are regularly trained and can answer your questions.

Come and talk to us: Harvey Norman Cooking Inspiration Gallery, 29-45 Ashmore Road, Bundall. Tel: 7 5584 3111. http://www.harveynorman.com.au