Talk Times with Principal Grimes


If ever there was an historical figure who could serve as a visionary role model for younger generations, it is Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson, of whom our A.B. Paterson College is named after.



Banjo was a man well ahead of his times. While most of his contemporaries toiled away in jobs for life, Banjo adapted his skills to a range of varied careers – much like the students of today will do in the future. He was a poet, an author, a solicitor, a journalist, a war correspondent, a clerk, a composer and a soldier.



In this age of rapid technological change, it has never been more fitting that our College proudly takes and maintains the name of this iconic Australian legend.

Predictions from economic forecasters remain that the children entering primary school today will have as many as 40 jobs, and 10 career changes in their lifetime, and that most children will end up working in job types that have yet to be developed.



So how do we teach our children to thrive and flourish in a world that we cannot even imagine yet?



Researchers and thought-leaders seem unanimous in their response to such a question – our students, as they prepare for the future workforce and to be future citizens, need to be adaptable, flexible, creative problem-solvers, excellent in communication, collaborative and be willing to review, seek ongoing improvement and cope with change.



Our College recognised this need some years ago and developed and embedded strong Prep to Year 12 curriculum programs of contemporary learning skills, to provide the very skillset our future citizens will need. These skills are essential for our young people and provide the basis for effective human engagement, interaction and personal development – the key to future success.



Our College’s innovative teaching programs are supported by world-class facilities, including redeveloped Junior School classrooms that boast some of the most amazing and unique educational spaces ever seen.



Our new major building development at A.B. Paterson College, sprawling three levels and approximately 4,500m2 in size, is one of the most outstanding and well-researched educational facilities, to be enjoyed by our College and the wider community. This educational showpiece will set a new benchmark in educational learning spaces and will provide the physical environment required to support the delivery of our internationally renowned and research-based pedagogy – Teaching for Understanding.

This magnificent building will be a state-of-the-art learning precinct, featuring a magical rainforest-themed playground, three Pre-Prep classrooms, an Outside School Hours Care facility, a café and film studio. Upper levels will feature a Years 4 to 6 Library, dedicated academic research space for staff, flexible learning spaces, a deck with a view to the three-storey atrium, and a stunning 160-seat multi-purpose lecture theatre.

Notwithstanding our outstanding facilities, it is our leading and dynamic educational programs, our dedicated and highly qualified staff and the many varied opportunities that provide the essential A.B. experience. It is this unique experience that enables our students to be better prepared for the world beyond our College gates.

Interestingly, one aspect that seems to be missing from research into our future workforce is the development of self through leadership, moral principles, and a strong sense of personal values. These essential human qualities are a clear distinction between man and machine. At A.B. Paterson College, we recognise that these personal attributes have never been more important.

Our College has grown from a rich history bathed in the Australian heritage into one of the leading educational and most forward-thinking institutions in our country. From our leading pedagogy and purposeful consideration of educational research to our caring pastoral approach, based upon principles of mindfulness and positive psychology, our College enables all students to achieve their very best.


Steeped in traditional values, set apart by a future-focused approach, our College is so much more than an academic school. If you would like to know more about our A.B experience, I invite you to be our guest at our College Open Day on Tuesday 1 May, or join us for a College tour, watch my video blog, Talk Times with Principal Grimes, and connect to our College Facebook page.



Discover how A.B. Paterson College brings out the best in all of our students, as we challenge the individual to achieve and to act with purpose and character!