Sydney couple flock to Gold Coast for holiday, returns home with life-long investment.

WORDS: Madison Cooper PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Sydneysiders Paul and Jessica Hutchinson have been visiting the Gold Coast for years, but it was their last trip to the sunshine state that saw them secure their dream holiday home.

The couple bought in Victoria & Albert Broadbeach, a new oceanside development offering a diverse range of apartments with exceptional private amenities.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Broadbeach, V&A is only a short walk from restaurants, shopping centres, entertainment venues, and the beach, and is the latest example of Broadbeach’s buyer bonanza.

What Paul and Jessica thought was just their usual getaway, turned out to be one for the history books, leaving with their ideal residence in an ideal location.

“We bought a Victoria Residence. It was perfect for what we thought to use it for, which was a place to stay when we visit the Gold Coast – a lifestyle investment if you will,” Mr. Hutchinson said.

“All of the development’s promised amenities, as well as those found in and around the area of Broadbeach really sealed the deal for us.

“We thought if we planned to continue visiting this beautiful city as much as we do now, we might as well have a place to call home in our favourite part of it.”

The Hutchinsons have always loved Broadbeach and what it has to offer, but with their V&A purchase, they will get to enjoy it in the newfound comfort of their own abode.

The $1 billion V&A is set to delight and captivate, with its balanced atmosphere of relaxation, sophistication, and discovery.

Comprised of two spectacular towers, with a vast array of premium amenity and ground-floor retail and dining facilities, V&A certainly charmed Paul and Jessica.

“We have been visiting Broadbeach for a decade before this most recent adventure where we found V&A, and we just love it,” Mrs. Hutchinson said.

“We’ve explored the Gold Coast extensively, but Broadbeach is for sure our favourite area with all the restaurants and its proximity to the beach.

“We are beyond excited to have bought an apartment in a place we hold so close to our hearts. It really is a dream come true.”

Despite hearing about a lot of Gold Coast projects failing, Jessica was confident this wouldn’t be the case for V&A.

The pair heard about the development and made their best decision to date: stepping into the Colliers showroom.

There has been a lot of buyer confidence in this mixed-use build, with the developer Iris Capital being heavily backed financially, and from this, Paul and Jessica becoming firm believers that the risk of it not going ahead is slim.

“It was quite far along when we were introduced, it looked like demolition was about to start, so it was perfect timing” Mrs. Hutchinson said.

“V&A is a beautifully designed, luxurious build, and we were lucky to get in when we did. I’m glad we took the leap and am looking forward to its completion.

“I never expected us to buy on this trip because we were only up there for a weekend, but that just shows the influence this development had on us.”

Iris Capital’s V&A Broadbeach will grant a quality of life beyond expectation, each residence carefully crafted to consider the important details.

“The project has clearly seen remarkable interest from the interstate buyers who have contributed to over 60% of our sales thus far,” said Mr. David Higgins, Residential Director of Colliers Gold Coast.

Iris Capital is a developer driven by a passion for creating places people love, with a belief in recognising and unlocking the potential of key locations to deliver an opulent redefinition of place and lifestyle.