Summer Scents Calling

WORDS: Nick Smart PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

With the rising thermometer heralding the onset of warm days at the beach, and warm balmy nights of partying, trying to choose a fragrance that refreshes the skin can often be daunting, especially if you continue ton use the same fragrance you have worn throughout cooler weather.

The intensifying heat calls for fresher, ‘cooler’ scents that don’t smother and overpower. In warmer temperatures, our blood vessels come closer to the surface of our skin, assisting in the creation of perspiration to cool our body down, and protect our internal organs from overheating.

The down side of this is the fact that our sebaceous (oil) glands become more active as well, which can wreak havoc on our choice of fragrance, especially woody and oriental type fragrances that often turn acrid and sour on our skin, as they develop and interact with our own oils.

Ensuring that fragrance is applied on a freshly cleansed, and gently powdered skin (preferably unscented powder) will assist in keeping your fragrance fresh, and longer lasting throughout the day.

Choose fresh Citrus/Aquatic scents that will throw with vibrancy, and present a clean, well-groomed signature in the heat. Fragrances that contain exceptional citrus notes, like Bergamot, Mandarin and Bitter Orange Oil will present a cool, suave persona in summer. Add fresh herbs, very delicate floral notes like Jasmine, Violet, Iris and Orange blossom for an enhanced feminine touch.

Cool/Fresh scents invigorate and refresh your skin, and keep you energised throughout the hottest days.

Citrus, blended with water notes, and light woods are fragrances that can worn both casually and formally, and will follow you throughout the day, into the warm summer night.

My ultimate favourites:

Creed, Aventus for Men. This masterful fusion of pure and rare florals, spices, citrus fruits and woody notes is Creed’s most iconic fragrance. To celebrate Aventus 10th birthday, Creed has reinvented the design of the bottle with a 10 year ribbon anniversary reflecting the House’s historic roots… 

Bdk Parfums, Citrus Riviera for Women. Inspired by the beautiful summer days at the Cap d’Antibes (French Riviera), this fresh and citrusy scent is a tribute to summer joy and moments shared among friends.