SUMMER ESSENTIALS This season’s hottest beauty buys




Probioskin is local Gold Coast company creating nutritionally empowered Super food Blends and Botanical herbal tisanes for inner health, as well as a natural skincare line. Their carefully crafted Mayella products are a true labour of love with owner Amanda Parker keeping real to her company’s philosophy.  This summer, kick start your health plan with their Certified Organic Super foods to alkalise and gently detoxify the body.

Alkalise Green & GO RRP $59 for 200g

Visit www.probioskin.com



ORM hottest picks from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics this season:

Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask – A simple blend of kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil to delicately calm the skin and restore balance. Great to calm and cleanse hot and bothered skin.

Don’t Look At Me Fresh face Mask – rich, exfoliating texture, filled with nourishing murumuru butter. Full of zingy lemon juice to tone your complexion. RRP $13.95

Strawberry Bombshell Lip Tint. RRP $9.95

LOVE: Million Dollar Moisturiser plump and hydrate skin with the added benefits of SPF 15. A thick and creamy almond, sesame seed and oatmeal decoction inside this luxurious facial moisturiser. Reflective pigments will highlight your face with a Hollywood glow. RRP $54.95

Visit:  www.lush.com.au



This summer season, scrub away dead skin cells and rough areas with two of our favourite Body Scrub picks:

1.ONNE Body Scrub RRP $25 is made with organic coffee grounds.



Tip: perfect to use for a pre and post fake tan treatment.


2. No 351 Skin Smoothing Body Buff This soft body buff is designed to promote circulation to assist the lymphatic system. Great for Dry skin types leaving the skin hydrated and smooth.
Visit: www.biologyskin.com. RRP $40 200g.



Protect your skin with this lightweight and Hydrating SPF 50 moisturiser.

Two hours water resistant and suitable for sensitive skin types.

Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50.

Visit:  www.skinstitut.com
RRP $45




Keep your skin youthful with concentrated serums that deliver Vitamin C to help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving your skin bright and neutralising free radicals. OBAGI Professional C-Serum 10% A must have anti aging product for your beauty bag.

Visit www.obagi.net.au
$69.95 & 20% $99.95.


Food For The Skin

Made from all natural and plant based ingredients Kaya Organics is food for

the skin. Housed in sustainable bamboo bottles. Their three step Rose & Cinnamon anti-aging range offers a soft floral aroma with a warm cinnamon spice to refresh and restore dehydrated skin. With every product sold, Raw Kaya Organics get closer to funding and managing it’s own environmental and wildlife conservation projects around the globe.

Rose & Cinnamon Cream Cleanser RRP $32, Face Spritz $33, Face Moisturiser $34.



Enzymatic Micro Peel

This ultra gentle micro-exfoliating mask is designed soothe, hydrate leaving your summer complexion youthful and glowing.
Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel $45

Visit: www.skinstitut.com




Summer Essential Hair Packs

These three summer essential hair packs are the perfect for the ultimate holiday hair. The kits contain three products inspired by iconic Australian locations.

ELEVEN Australia Byron Bay Trio, Cable Beach Trio and Fraser Island Trio RRP$46.90 each.

Visit: www.elevenaustralia.com



The Dessata brush contains 440 triple length flexible bristles making that early morning hair routine trauma free and less breakage to your luscious locks as it adapts to the shape of the user’s head. Super light and easy to use. A must-have in your beauty bag this season. Dessata Detangling Hairbrush

Visit: www.hairtogo.com.au 

RRP $32.95



These luxurious handcrafted cleansing bars are creamy and perfect to hydrate your skin leaving it silky smooth. A match made in bathing heaven. ZADOR Mineral Bar Collection RRP $24.95.
Stockist: 1800 554 545.



Glamourflage have launched their 2017 skincare and cosmetics range.

The focus of the range is to improve the skin’s ability to absorb and lock in moisture and nutrients while maintaining a smooth and toned complexion. The gorgeous rehydrating skincare range includes a Cleanser, Toner, Day Cream, Night Cream, Lotion and Mask – each available individually or as part of a pack to try the entire rehydration skincare range for only $69.95. Once your skincare routine is complete, Glamourflage have now released a premium cosmetics collection to keep our skin looking its best! The cosmetics range includes a Foundation (available in 3 different shades), a CC Cream and a Loose Powder – each available individually or as part of a pack to try the entire cosmetics collection for only $19.95. 

Visit: www.glamourflage.com.au and David Jones Department Stores.




Immerse your self and experience the focusing and grounding powers of rosemary, frankincense, wild camomile to de-stress day and night.

Aromatherapy Associates Australia De-Stress Body Wash $52

Visit: www.aromatherapyassociates.com.au

Tip: Can be mixed with natural exfoliating grains for an extra kick!




Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy delivers a range of slow-made private blend bath teas to treat and comfort the mind, body and soul. Using 100% natural botanical ingredients and extracts, the private blend range includes a CALMING, SOOTHING and DETOX formulation; each designed to offer a unique relaxation, skin comforting and body cleansing benefit.
RRP $28 each

Visit: www.soniaorts.net



Magic Mud Whitening Toothpaste (Health Conscious)

Now earth conscious beauty addicts can get the benefits of the original My Magic Mud Detoxifying and whitening toothpowder in convenient toothpaste. Made with 95% organic ingredients, free from fluoride, triclosan and foaming agents and is gluten free, vegan and cruelty free. Keeps your teeth white with activated charcoal, coconut oil and bentonite clay.

RRP $19.95 each.
Available from Biome Eco Stores or visit www.biome.com


WE LOVE! Organic MakeUp from World Organics

Protect your skin everyday with the next generation Organic Makeup.

Leaves the skin glowing with stunning Luminiser, Concealer and Foundation primers. Easy to apply and leaves your complexion youthful and healthy. The perfect gift this summer for that healthy makeup addict!

The Organic Skin Co. Organic Primer RRP $55
Organic Luminiser RRP $35

Organic Concealer RRP $35

Visit: www.worldorganics.com.au


Sensitive Summer Skin

Exposure to sun, surf and sunscreen can create the skin to be extra sensitive through the summer months. Remove make up gently and hydrate sensitive skin this summer with Tolerance Extreme Range from Avene. Try Eau Thermal Avene Tolerance Extreme Emulison $49.95 50ml and Tolerance Extreme Emulsion $49.95 50ml to calm and keep your skin youthful and hydrated.

Visit: www.avene.com.au




Your pocket-sized solution to smoother, fuller and more youthful lips.

Blistex Deep Renewel.
RRP $6.95.
Visit:  www.blistex.com.au



ECO- Modern Essentials

ECO offer a complete comprehensive essential oils inspired range to

address wellbeing for the face, body and mind. Using organic sourced ingredients, drawing from benefits of active essential oils. They are made in Australia and focus on complete health and beauty.
Visit: www.ecoaroma.com.au

ORM hottest picks for this sizzling summer: Erase Body Oil $15
Cellulite Body Rub $16

Recovery Spray $15
Youthful Skin Serum Duo $32




JIV.ELAN is Australia’s newest and most innovative skincare brand with an extensive and personalised collection made from fresh, luscious and luxurious botanicals sourced from the world’s richest natural environments. JIV.ELAN artisan range is produced only in micro-batches and made with only natural preservatives to ensure each and every product is of the highest level of freshness. NO NASTIES!
Visit: www.jivelan.com.au
Restorative Face Exfoliating Gel $38
Body Elixir Oil $39

Luminous vitamin C face Serum $79

Restorative Fruit Acids Face tonic $49

Revitalise and Lift Intensive Eye Cream $69

Antioxidant Boost Day/Night Cream. $65