Style and Sophistication of the new BMW X4


Did you know that X models outsold passenger cars in Australia? True fact. So it goes without saying the New X4 is in high demand. I was lucky enough to be given the keys to this M sport by Kathleen Broadway the Dealer Principal at Gold Coast BMW. 


SUVs just keep becoming more and more of a big deal with growing families – kids sports and the keen golfer this car simply caters for a very broad range. Business executive by day and soccer mum on the weekends, you can be driving in style through every occasion. 
Confirming I tested the 30i M sport Xdrive; this vehicle had all the bells and whistles including the big 21 inch M Light double spoke wheels, dual glass sunroof and of course wireless charging for my iphone – seriously the technology in this car is mind blowing and of course the only colour in my world – black…


I was shown how to download the BMW app and keep an eye on the car whilst out having dinner.
This is start of the art. When owning a car like this, it’s certainly a valuable option to have at the push of a button.  
The X4 Msport has elegance and with the heavily sloping roofline, it actually looks pretty tough. Its chunky rear quarters, fat rubber on M Sport models make this car have a real presence on the road. It’s a real head turner on the streets as I tested the car around the Main Beach arena. There’s no doubt the X4 is a good-looking thing!


The interior is nothing short of what you can expect from a top of the range BMW, an execution of premium and quality at its finest.
BMW’s iDrive infotainment system is as excellent and easy to use as always, with clear displays, quality mapping, and genuinely simple controls.
The head-up display is amazing and again the start of the art technology really does make it easy for the driver. Showing me the street sign speed and when not exceeding this the numbers are white and when I add power and exceed the speed limit the numbers instantly turn red. It’s really simple but so effective and effortless for the driver who has many things on their mind.


The navigation is really easy to follow with clear mapping and fast instructions and rerouting if you do divert off course – huge screen makes it effortless and a real feature within the front.


For an SUV, the sharpness and precision of directional change feels a hell of a lot more like a sports car. Switch into sport mode, though, and the handling really comes to the fore. The X4 hooks into fast corners hard, and doesn’t divert from the line you’ve chosen. The Change in dash instantly puts you in the mood – when making the change to the sport mode the dash changes moods with you with a new colour scheme – again it’s the little things and plenty of them that makes this a pleasure to sit behind.
I could easily have never given this car back and simply signed it over into my name. There was nothing this car was missing – except for those who know me – its probably missing another 4 cylinders but since it doesn’t come in a V8 I’ll settle for the 30i which does 0-100 in 6.2 seconds. QUICK…


The most important aspect of driving the new X4, for me anyway, is that it feels like a premium experience and it is. 


If you’re considering a new compact BMW that has everything plus more, you really should organise a personal experience with one of the friendly team members within the Gold Coast BMW dealership. Contact: 55577999.