Storytelling comes naturally for Bubbles, Books and Brunch guest author

WORDS: Nicole Marino PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Despite years in the game of storytelling, this week’s Somerset Storyfest Bubbles, Books and Brunch guest author, Megan Albany, has just only just launched her debut novel, The Very Last List of Vivian Walker.

A writer of all things, Ms Albany has a knack for bringing humour and emotion to every story she tells and believes everyone should create something.

“I’ve written poems, short stories, a novella, news, scripts and general copywriting. I’m constantly writing songs and recording them. Everyone has a story to tell,” Ms Albany said.

Ms Albany has written more than 100 songs, appeared on several albums, written music for Australian film and television, worked as a journalist and editor for leading Aboriginal magazine, Deadly Vibe and was the founding editor of InVibe magazine – a magazine for Indigenous youth in custody.

Ms Albany said The Very Last List of Vivian Walker, was the result of joining a local writing group a few years ago and was inspired by a list of prompt sentences the group used for writing exercises.

“We were given a sentence and we’d all write something from that. I started writing little short form pieces and they all had a common theme as I had a lot of death around me at the time,” she said.

The resulting story is about a woman who is dying, but still has a number of things to finish on her to-do list, not her bucket list, her everyday to-do list. Ms Albany said the main character in her debut novel has a little bit of every woman in her.

“Making lists is something I do a lot of. I write a list and lose it, so write another one. When I am organised I put lists in a notebook but more often than not they get scratched out on the back of a bill. There’s probably a little bit of Viv in me and maybe in every woman. My husband jokes that he needs a t-shirt that says “I’m not Clint”,” she said.

Feedback on the novel so far has been positive, with readers reporting they were laughing out loud and crying all within the same page.

“I’m amazed at the amount of people who have sent through amazing feedback so far. My sister did an ugly crying laughing selfie on the last page of the book, so we’ve started a hashtag challenge, (#MyVivWalkerFace) for people to send in their snotty selfies,” Ms Albany said.

A Kalkadoon woman, Ms Albany grew up in a family of teachers with a love of words

“There has always been a clever use of words in my family and I’ve always surrounded myself with journalists and smart people who like to play with words.”

Somerset Storyfest CEO and Festival Director, Andrea Lewis, said Megan’s story was a great lead in for this year’s Storyfest festival.

“Obviously the heart of Storyfest is our love of literature, but this year, we are taking time to explore the art of storytelling in all its forms. Megan’s experience is the perfect example of how one can tell stories using different mediums as effectively as each other,” Ms Lewis said.

Megan Albany is the special guest at this Thursday’s Bubbles, Books and Brunch. For more information or to book visit:

Somerset Storyfest is Queensland’s largest literary festival. The official program runs from Tuesday 15 March – Friday 18 March, however the extended program runs all year and includes community events such as the pop-up Beach Library, Business Lunch Series and Golf Day.