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January 5, 2020



My father is 87 years old. Typically for someone at his age, he’s suffering the pains of old age. I feel helpless to provide him with any relief from the daily pain he suffers, but recently got him some hemp oil hoping it might provide some relief.

I’ve noticed whenever I visit my parents that they seem to have an extraordinary number of pills that they need to take every day.

I asked my parents what they were all for; the pills have all been prescribed by their doctor to treat a wide range of conditions.  
When I asked whether the doctor was treating the causes as well as the symptoms, the answer was no.

It made me wonder: is the relationship between our medical doctors and big pharmaceuticals a little too cosy?

It would seem to me that my father is now beyond the treatment of the causes of his problems due to his progressive years. However, imagine if my father’s doctor had addressed the causes of his illness rather than the symptoms. Would his health have been better in these later years of his life?
Rather than being addicted to an ever-widening range of pills, putting their limited funds into the coffers of big pharmaceuticals, maybe he could have been enjoying old age as it was meant to be?

We have a lot to learn in the Western world being led down the garden path by the United States and its consumerism and profit-driven ethos.

Big pharmaceuticals are big business and big profits for the rich and powerful.
Here’s a suggestion that might be better than popping a pill: “Food is medicine and medicine is food!”

Yes, you heard it first — food can be your medicine.
There’s plenty of evidence showing that you can eat your way to good health. There are plenty of informative documentaries on Netflix that will open your mind to how important food is in relation to your health.
Two such programs are The Game Changers & What the Health, which are both all about the vegan movement.

Our family and plenty of others have started to adopt the philosophies behind The Game Changers and What the Health and are reaping the benefits.
There is no magic pill to achieve good health, but good food is a good start!


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