Best of both worlds…….

January 5, 2020

Turning your Jet-ski into a boat in less than 30 seconds.



If you ever thought of owning a boat on top of your jet-ski then this is for you.  Being able to use the jet-ski with your mates then come home and load the family within minutes into your bowrider certainly seems too good to be true ?  Well I experienced things first hand when I was offered to test the new 525 Full Wake .  Clicking in my jet-ski and leaving from hope harbour marina, everything seems just so simple.  I mean the steering of an 18 - 25 foot boat  has never been easier.  The boat turns on a 50 cent piece accelerates just like a jet-ski and is smooth- and stable just like a boat.  It’s mind blowing what you can simply add to your existing ski no matter what make and model simply by driving it in and off you go………  



First model I drove was the Sealver 525 Wake Full Wake which was 5.25m long with of course the wake tower and bimini - a great size boat for a small family or the sporty guy or girl who looks at home with a wakeboard or waterski under their arm.


Hitting speeds of 40knots within seconds these boats really do surprise you and also covert quickly into a daybed or a family lunch area at the front of the boat where you can simply add the click-in table and start peeling the prawns for a simple lunch.  They have thought of it all in this model, easy to trailer or easy to store on your click on bricks dry storage, and all manageable with one person which makes It even better for usability. 



The most important aspect of this boat is the social appeal. It has FUN written all over it.


Let’s face it, jet skis are awesome fun for the driver, however anybody sitting on the back is certainly not having the same fun as the driver. Fit the Wake Boat and things change dramatically as you have now transformed your jet-ski into a social wake boat and can invite all your mates.


Alternatively you can drop the hook, leaving your crewmembers to enjoy their surroundings while you unbuckle, and then blast off for some manic fun. The boat has a boarding ladder on its port quarter, or swimmers can climb aboard through the empty PWC dock.



The 525 is fitted with three deck storage lockers, all neatly lined, plus a large lined anchor locker. Its social side is enhanced by a drop-down table, providing either an eating area or a large sun pad, and the twin aft-facing sun lounges sitting aside the PWC dock work particularly well. This arrangement enables your guests to chill out and communicate easily with you, without getting doses of seawater when you start pulling the accelerator trigger.



One thing I was interested to find out was just how a two-piece boat handled being driven fast and lets say it was super impressive just how fast and stable this boat really was.  Hard turns and full throttle was all taken with ease and with no spray into the boat or passengers.  

Very impressive.  



The Seadoo is the ideal PWC choice as it seems to bite and take off with extreme force compared to others.  Also the Seadoo is known for its reliability and power in any conditions.  


If you own a PWC and your looking to increase the social or family aspect of your boating you should be talking with Lincoln from Made 4 Marine.  If you’re wanting to see how this works on your ski simply call the Made 4 Marine team and they might just come out to your property and personally show you how it works.  Call today 55772274 or visit  Prices for tested Wake 525 start from $25950.


Breakout box


  1. LOA: 5.25m (17ft 2in)

  2. Beam: 2.36m (7ft 8in)

  3. Draught: 0.3m (11in)

  4. Displacement: 350kg (dry without PWC)

  5. PWC displacement: 380kg

  6. Payload: 600kg

  7. Power options: Jet skis by Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki

  8. Fuel capacity: PWC dependent




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