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July 16, 2019



If I believed everything that the polls and the media had to say about the Australian voting public, Bill Shorten would now be our prime minister and Labor would be in charge for the next 3000 years.
But they were wrong, so very wrong.
One of the key focal issues in the recent federal election was climate change. Political parties clearly understood this is a passionate topic—and one that could win or lose the election. Shorten placed a lot of eggs in the climate change basket and it backfired big time!  
There is no doubt that the Australian public are concerned about climate change, but we are not silly enough to believe there is any silver bullet for such a complex issue.
There is no doubt that man-made climate change is real, but is it as simple as some people would have us believe? I think not!  
My greatest concern is those who have a vested interest write 99 per cent of material fed to the public. Alternatively, they don’t divulge who is funding their research.
Transparency is key. Can you really trust a report funded by the people the report is about?
In this edition, ORM addresses tackling climate change. Dr Weston Allen is an eminently qualified physician, self-employed and with no agenda other than a quest for the truth. His research is not funded and he has no vested interest other than seeking the best result for planet earth and humanity.
Dr Allen wrote a recent white paper on climate change and health for the CO2 Coalition in Washington DC, USA. He was invited to present at the official launch on 23 October 2018 at the Russell Senate Office Building. The CO2 Coalition was attended by a group of scientists, including emeritus professor William Happer of Princeton University, now President Trump’s chief scientist at the White House.


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