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January 13, 2019


It’s no secret that I love the Far North Coast of New South Wales. Our family lived at the beautiful Cabarita Beach for about five years before we moved back up to the Gold Coast. My main attraction has always been the surf, but there’s no doubt it’s also a very beautiful and relaxing part of the world.

      On a recent visit, I made my way out behind the breakers hoping for a few early morning waves before the crowd got too heavy. Longtime Caba local Scotty Fitzpatrick paddled up alongside on his stand-up and said, “Hey, have I got a great story for you!”

      My initial thought was, ‘Yeah, like I’ve never heard that before’ — but I listened to what he had to say!

      “Have you ever heard of Matina Jewell?” he asked.

      I had to say no I hadn’t.

      “One of Australia’s top 100 most influential women and she lives right here on the Tweed,” he said.

      He had my attention.

      “I’ll e-introduce you,” he said as he paddled off.

      True to his word, an email introduction arrived in my inbox the very next day, and I got the chance to meet Matina Jewell for coffee and a chat.  

      I’m always on the hunt for a good story, and Matina’s is certainly that in spades. I won’t ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that looks can be deceiving! You should never judge a book by its cover.

      The rest is history and I really do think we’ve done her justice as our cover story in our Summer edition. To say her story is remarkable would be an understatement.

      For what’s it worth, my choice to play Matina would be Margot Robbie. No one can play an Aussie like an Aussie! I look forward to front-row seats at the movie premiere, of course, Matina!

      Happy reading.


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