Toni & Guy

October 7, 2018

Dette Cliff owner of Toni & Guy Broadbeach sits down with her colleague Joe Habbaki of Toni & Guy Armadale after he just won NEW CREATIVE FORCE 2018 at the Prestigious Hair Expo Awards...
Dette: Joe, first up congratulations, what an achievement taking out such a huge award as New Creative Force throughout Australia! The collection is phenomenal, Tell us about the collection and your inspiration?
Joe: Cheers! It was such an honour for sure, my collection called The Beautiful People draws on dark histories and bold aesthetics to display the allures of Gothic and heavy metal cultures. The main inspiration was Gothicism in fashion history, which we have seen.
Dette: At Toni & Guy we are always talking about the link between hair and fashion, how did that come into play for you when you were thinking about this collection?



Joe: I was really inspired by Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton Swan Song and a vintage Comme des Garcons show circa AW 1992, these were iconic shows and it pushed me to think about subcultures than centre around black fashion - gothic culture, Japanese Lolita’s and heavy metal music.
Dette: The result is fantastic - you must be thrilled with the images?
Joe: Of course! I was lucky enough to work with a fabulous team who helped bring my ideas to life. More than just having the colour black I wanted an emphasis on shape and texture, both with the hair and the fashion. High hairlines, shaved sections and a messy yet controlled movement in shape.
Dette: And have your clients been queueing up for one of your brilliant looks?
Joe: Ha not exactly! Well it’s not an everyday request, I’ve definitely been doing undercuts and fades but in a much more client friendly way!
Dette: Thanks so much for taking the time in chatting with us. I’ll see you in London for the Toni&Guy brand new collection launch!

Hair: joe Habbaki
Make up: shev Kelly & Vanessa Barney
Styling: Milana de Mina
Photography: Anniss+Barton



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