April 10, 2016


In his role, Greg Jenke oversees the strategic and operational performance of John Flynn Private Hospital for Ramsey Healthcare. The 345 bed private hospital on the Gold Coast is a medical/surgical obstetric/rehab facility which also includes an Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Care Unit.

Greg has considerable experience in hospital management of both public and private hospitals spanning 32 years across 4 states. Having had experience managing health organisations both large and small, public and private, he understand the importance of providing an excellent service to the community by motivated and customer focused staff whilst maintaining a result orientated focus in accordance with business imperatives.


You’ve had an extensive career in hospital management, what have been some of the highlights?


There have been too many recall in this article but I suppose it’s the experiences that have flowed from my various appointments that have enriched my career. Of these, being a member of a cultural and vocational study exchange group to Mauritius, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda was probably the most memorable and life changing experience I’ve had. Being exposed to the inadequacies of third world health facilities and then returning to Australia’s excellent hospital system and facing first world problems had a profound impact on me.

My career has taken me to remote aboriginal health facilities in South Australia, looking at medical facilities on floating oil rigs kilometres offshore, rural and regional hospitals both public and private that play a vital role in the communities they serve and now to John Flynn Private Hospital, a first class tertiary hospital on the Gold Coast.


John Flynn Private Hospital has fared well in recent years in both patient and staff satisfaction surveys. What do you believe are contributing factors to this?


Patient and staff are inextricably linked. Simply put, “happy staff, happy patients” has been our philosophy and the increased improvement we have seen in the survey result seems to support this belief.

In response to a previous survey result we made a concentrated effort to communicate better with our staff and engage with them more. It is not always easy to do when you have over 1300 staff rostered across 24 hours, 365 days a year but through the introduction of interactive information forums and face to face “rounding” by all levels of management, the dissemination of information to staff was improved greatly. Similarly, the increased positivity by the staff translated into a more satisfying experience for the patients which when combined with other initiatives designed to improve the patients stay in hospital was also reflected in the patient’s survey. The challenge now is to maintain the momentum and continually improve.


What is on the horizon for John Flynn Private Hospital?


John Flynn Private Hospital is a wonderful facility on the southern end of the Gold Coast that has continued to grow steadily for much of its 22 years of existence. The building was originally designed and built to be a showpiece to the world, and although its current function as a private hospital serving the communities of the Gold Coast and Northern NSW may not quite be as originally intended, it has become an important provider of specialist services with a reputation for delivering excellent hospital care.

As the hospital’s importance continues to grow so will the need to expand existing services, introduce new services and consequently the physical infra-structure to house them. Plans to build new consulting suites increase the number of operating theatres, cardiac catheter labs, day surgical theatres and of course beds are well developed.

John Flynn has always been at the forefront of incorporating the latest technological advancements such as the Da Vinci surgical robot into the hospitals service profile as well as facilitating new procedures.


What do you love about the Gold Coast?


There is a lot to love about the Gold Coast at present. Access to facilities that are world class whether they are hospitals, educational, sporting arenas or tourism based the Gold Coast has it all. The airport is growing and the reach to the world is growing with it. More airlines are recognising the Gold Coast as being an important market for them and the increase in both the number of airlines and the frequency of flights bears testimony to the great work the airport operators have achieved in marketing our great city. But it’s not just access to the manmade structures that I love about the Gold Coast, it’s also the natural beauty as well. Obviously the beautiful beaches and headlands are quintessential Gold Coast but it’s the hinterland as well; the mountains, rainforests, creeks and rivers that make where we live a wonderfully diverse place.


What do you do in your downtime?


Quite often the lines between my work life and social life are blurred such is the nature of my role for which I’m very appreciative because I get to eat at great restaurants, attend sporting events and concerts. But when I do get to enjoy pure “downtime,” I really enjoy nothing more than a competitive game of golf or a ride on my Ducati through the Hinterland often with my wife, Leanne. Listening to my son, a singer, performing at one of the local bars and restaurants is to me one of life’s great personal pleasures.




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