SIFU Recipes




 Sizzling seafood combination with XO sauce




Barramundi fillet 80g


Tiger prawn 80g


Scallop 80g


Squid 80g


Capsicum red, green and yellow 20g each


Leek 20g


Spring onion 20g


Snow pea 50g


Baby corn 20g


Homemade traditional seafood XO sauce


XO sauce:


1. Cook scallop, fish fillet, dried shrimp, salted fish, ham and dry them.


2. Heat oil add fresh chilli, shallot, garlic


3. Put all ingredients together.




1. Marinate seafood with Chinese spice, wine, potato starch and egg white


2. Heat oil to 180 degrees, and place seafood into the oil to pre-cook. Meanwhile put


all vegetables into boiling water for 1 minute


3. Heat the wok with a splash of oil and cook garlic mince, XO sauce and stir fry until


you can smell the flavour


4. Add seafood and vegetables into the wok and stir fry together, then add master




5. Season with salt, pepper, sugar, oyster sauce and chicken booster and bring to the




6. Add potato starch and a some sesame oil




Sichuan boiled beef




Sliced beef topside 250g


Cucumber 50g


Bean sprout 50g


Sliced bok choy 50g


Sichuan pepper 10g


Dried chili 10g


Chili bean paste 30g


Ginger 10g


Garlic mince 10g


Spring onion 10g


Coriander 10g




1. Marinate beef with salt, pepper, soda, potato starch and wine


2. Heat oil to 180 degree, and add sliced beef into the oil to pre-cook. Meanwhile put


all vegetables into water boiling for 1 minute.


3. Stir fry bean sprout, cucumber, bok choy with chilli paste, sichuan pepper. Place


vegetable at the bottom of bowl.


4. Heat the wok, stir fry garlic, spring onion, sichuan pepper, chili paste and cooked


sliced beef together. Place cooked beef on the top of vegetable.


5. Add some fresh garlic mince on the top of beef.


6. Heat chilli oil to 200 degrees and spray hot oil on the garlic.


7. Place some spring onions and coriander for garnish.





Smoked ham hock terrine with piccallili jar and crusty bread




Duo of mixed bruschetta


Roasted capsicum & caper


Prosciutto, pear and goats cheese


 Baked camembert wrapped with pancetta ham served with chili pear jam