Seven Clean Seas and Lo Bro’s

WORDS: Mia Wheatley PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

A new Lo Bros drink has landed and for every (zero sugar) fizzy can you sink under the summer sun, two plastic bottles will be cleaned up from our oceans.

Every year, up to 34 billion plastic bottles enter the ocean, and plastic bottles are the No.1 most found item by weight in beach cleanups.

Which is why Lo Bros (everyone’s favourite organic Kombucha brand) has launched a new range of drinks – Not Soda – and partnered with ocean clean up group, Seven Clean Seas, with a goal to clean up 2 million plastic bottles of ocean waste.  For every can of Lo Bros Not Soda sold, Lo Bros 2 plastic soft drink bottles will be cleaned up from marine environments through their partnership with Seven Clean Seas.

Seven Clean Seas is an ocean clean-up organisation based in Indonesia,working to remove marine plastic from oceans, coastlines, mangroves, rivers and nearshore areas. They have committed to recovering over 10 million kilos of marine debris by 2025 from the top 7 worst plastic polluted countries in the world.

Seven Clean Seas, Co-founder, Tom Peacock-Nazil, says “Partnering with Lo Bros Not Soda will generate tons of positive environmental and social impact whilst giving the existing soda market the disruptive shove it needs in the right direction. Not only is the product designed for recyclability and true circularity given today’s infrastructure, but some of its profit is allocated to cleaning plastic pollution from our oceans.”

The Power And The Passion Report revealed that the hot button topics of most concern to Australians are our oceans, climate change, and plastic waste. And, the onus is on businesses to tackle these issues. In the lead up to the season of excess, Australians can take meaningful action by purchasing products that make them feel good.

Australian entrepreneur and Lo Bros Founder, Didi Lo – a well regarded changemaker who has been championing ‘doing good’ for close to two decades – is on a mission to disrupt the drinks industry with this bold initiative.

Didi Lo says “We are very proud to announce the launch of Not Soda. The drink tastes like the very best sodas you’ve ever tasted and is made using our nifty fermentation processes to remove all the sugars. But most importantly of all, every can of soda directly addresses the environmental crises being created by the industry.”

Lo Bros Not Soda is a fizzy and refreshing soda with a mission to free our oceans from plastic, and is available in four crowd favourite flavours: Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, and Pink Grapefruit. All are zero sugar and naturally sweetened. Available in supermarkets across Australia.