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Meet the woman encouraging women to make a difference through life-changing travel. If you ever feel powerless to reach out and create change, perhaps it’s time to travel with a purpose…



Most of us watch the news and want to do more. We see human beings suffering in pain and want to help. But how? In the whirlwind of day-to-day life, few of us have an answer to that other than to donate to a charity in the hope it reaches those in need.

Secret Sisterhood Philanthropic Journeys is changing all of this. This is a new wave of charity trips offering upmarket, insightful travel experiences for successful women who want to connect more closely to their philanthropy.

In the past, overseas charity trips have attracted younger travellers with plenty of time. They’ve been organised on a budget, are lengthy and physically strenuous.



Secret Sisterhood is committed to increasing the percentage of funding given directly to issues affecting women and girls. Currently, less than 7 per cent actually reaches them directly. Yes, 7 per cent — how shocking.

That has to change.

Secret Sisterhood’s mission is to connect successful women to effective and inspirational non-government organisations (NGOs) that work on the ground with women and girls in developing countries. These are NGOs doing extraordinary work meeting women and girls who are experiencing injustices and difficulties.



Through these connections, Secret Sisterhood aims to inspire participants to give more to women’s causes so desperately in need.

Secret Sisterhood and Philanthropic Journeys founder Jacquie Love believes that the biggest impact can be made as a collective. She founded the organisation after a charity trip to India in January 2017. On that trip, she learnt about the millions of girls who are lured from their village families, promised jobs in cities, and enslaved for life as prostitutes in the red-light districts of Mumbai and Delhi. These are girls from the age of 11.



Jacquie heard of the atrocities first-hand from rescued girls and listened as they told her heartbreaking stories of what they had to endure. She knew it was time to do something about it.

Initially, she created a social enterprise that sells jewellery and gives 90 per cent of the profits to charity. Then she was inspired to create a life-changing travel experience for women who want to learn more about how they can make a difference.



“We have seen that donating as a group is a very successful way to give back, as you can see your money going further,” Jacquie tells ORM.

“We are taking this one step further by meeting with the organisations who are making a difference and seeing first-hand the work that they are doing. Philanthropy can sometimes be an unconnected and remote experience, without real human interaction or understanding.



“Philanthropic Journeys expects to change that. The participants experience a life-changing week, learning and networking with other like-minded women and change-makers. By the end of the trip, we are inspired and united as a team and have made a huge contribution to the lives of women and girls.”




Where can you go?

Currently, there are trips scheduled to Cambodia and Thailand.

Can you make a difference?

Yes. Philanthropic journeys are structured so that participants make a measurable impact.

What do you need to do?

Every trip requires participants to donate $10,000 toward the NGOs that are visited. The donation is combined with other participants, so that as a team $100,000 is given to significant initiatives such as educating thousands of the most vulnerable girls and their families about how to prevent sex trafficking in their rural villages.

What is the focus?

The Secret Sisterhood focuses on four main areas within gender inequality: violence against women, human trafficking, girls’ education, and helping to empower micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries.

What can you expect?

Every journey is curated with love and care, designed to give participants an all-round five-star experience. Every detail will be considered so you can focus on your journey of discovery. Each journey ends with a relaxing retreat so that you can take time to reflect, rejuvenate, and integrate all of your learnings from the trip.

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