Savouring Every Bite: Odyssey Nourishes Connections And Joy With Themed luncheons


In a community that defies the norms of aged care, a monthly spectacle is unfolding that is as captivating as it is transformative: themed luncheons.

These aren’t mere events reminiscent of an average bingo night; they are a celebration of life, connection and community and with their popularity soaring, Odyssey’s gala gatherings are a consistent sell-out.

From the glamour of a Gatsby soiree to the cosiness of a winter wonderland, and even a mid-year escape with Christmas in July, Odyssey’s monthly events showcase the diversity of experiences that can be enjoyed at any stage of life.

CEO and founder Phil Usher says monotony has meet its match at Odyssey, which strives to create vibrant experiences that celebrate the residents and their zest for fun.

“These luncheons are more than just meals; they’re an invitation to engage, connect and enjoy the warmth of our community,” says Mr Usher.

“In addition to our lifestyle calendar, these events create an opportunity to foster a sense of fun and what makes these luncheons exceptional is their ability to cultivate unity and amplify community spirit.”

The celebration of the luncheons doesn’t end with the last bite. After lunch, residents, fuelled by good food and camaraderie, socialise, enjoy live entertainment and take a twirl around the dance floor.

Another aspect of the luncheons is the residents’ active involvement in crafting costumes or decorations in the days leading up to the event.

Mr Usher says this hands-on approach not only encourages creativity but instils a sense of ownership and pride in the community.

“Every month residents are busy preparing their outfits or helping to create decorations and this adds a personal touch to the whole event,” says Mr Usher.

“For Easter, the residents made table decorations, Christmas in July saw us put together bonbons and for our roaring twenties bash, residents created feather headbands.

“Our residents are not passive participants, but integral contributors and we make sure we offer them the opportunity and a reason to anticipate each event with enthusiasm and part of that is being able to see their ideas take shape.”

These delightful gala gatherings not only infuse vitality in the lives of residents but also epitomise the power of community engagement and enhancing overall well-being.

“The impact of these themed luncheons is more than just a momentary celebration; they nurture connections, spark joy and most importantly, they bring residents together where they can create memories with one another,” he says.

“Our events and lifestyle calendar is always bursting with vibrant activities and the anticipation of upcoming events and themes has become an exciting part of the routine.”

And let’s not overlook the culinary magic; restaurant-quality dining is part of the Odyssey experience.

“Each event, our chefs curate a mouth-watering menu that features a selection of dishes inspired by the theme,” says Mr Usher.

“For our Gatsby extravaganza, we had classic dishes reminiscent of the 1920s and included hors d’oeuvres, signature cocktails and decadent desserts.

“At Odyssey, we understand how much people love and appreciate good food, so our community features expert chefs who prepare all our meals fresh each day.”

Odyssey is located at Robina on the corner of Scottsdale Drive and The Crestway and currently has another development underway at Chevron Island.

The Odyssey model is built around a resort-style environment where couples stay together, pets are welcome, grandkids can have sleepovers and most importantly, the dignity, independence and well-being of residents are highly respected.