Reaching Your Peak


If you’re looking for specialist support throughout your weight-loss journey, The Peak Program with Dr Candice Silverman at John Flynn Private Hospital is for you.  



Dr Candice Silverman, Specialist Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon, is one of Queensland’s leading specialist surgeons based at John Flynn Private Hospital. She offers a multidimensional approach to weight loss surgery – and works with a team of experts (dieticians, nutritionists and psychologists) to ensure patients are equipped with holistic solutions.

“The Peak Program has been designed to ensure long-term, effective support,” she tells ORM. “My work is not simply performing surgery; I am dedicated to providing patients with the very best outcomes long term. It’s well known from medical research that many patients can struggle several months after weight-loss surgery, 18 months is particularly flagged as a dangerous period. That’s what we’re here for. My team and I know that weight loss involves lifestyle change that doesn’t happen in a day. We are committed to helping patients on that journey.”

Obesity is recognised as a growing problem in Australia. Statistics from World Health Organisation (WHO) show that Australia has the third-highest prevalence of overweight adults in the English-speaking world.

With the growing demand clear to see, Dr Silverman, who was born in South Africa and moved to Australia when she was three years old, has specifically designed the Peak Program to take weight-loss care to the next level.

“I wanted to offer patients the chance to achieve ‘peak’ condition both mentally and physically. Both are important to me,” she tells ORM. “There are many roads that lead to obesity; often a mix of genes and lifestyle. We know that people living in more remote areas who don’t have easy access to fresh produce can struggle more with their weight. Every patient is different. Equally, there are many different ways to recover from this chronic health condition. You can’t take one-size suits all approach to weight-loss – far from it. Each patient requires personalised solutions. Achieving optimum health includes lifelong support from Dr Silverman with annual reviews. We are here to support each patient on that path.”



Dr Silverman graduated from the University of NSW in 1998 and was awarded a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery with Honours – MBBS (hons). In 2003, she completed a certificate in Sports Medicine through the University of NSW.

She currently devotes her time to her patients at John Flynn and practises at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Lismore. “Our satellite practise is working really well to ensure we can access patients who live more out of town and in the Northern Rivers region,” she says.

Dr Silverman is also a senior lecturer at Griffith University, an assistant professor at Bond University and a course instructor for the Early Management of Severe Trauma Program.

She also practises specialist cancer surgery specialising in pancreatic surgery.

All of Dr Silverman’s patients are recorded in the Bariatric Surgery Register, which is currently collecting data from over 147 surgeons at 98 hospitals. This data is proving invaluable in demonstrating the successful outcomes of bariatric surgery – and hopefully may inspire policy changes.

Dr Silverman takes pride in offering compassionate and individualised care to her patients at all times.

“I see my role as much more than a surgeon; I’m really committed to making social change,” she says.

After three years of active service in the Navy, Dr Silverman completed surgical training and commenced her fellowship in General Surgery. In 2007, she completed her fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons followed by two sub-speciality fellowships.

In 2008 she completed a hepato-pancreato-biliary fellowship at Freemantle Hospital in Western Australia. She went on to complete a Bariatric Surgery Fellowship at John Flynn Private Hospital in 2009.

“I’m really proud of the Peak Program we have created,” she smiles. “Seeing the impact we can inspire in a patients’ life is incredible. Many are assessing their medications such as blood pressure and diabetes post surgery and finding that they can lower the dose or they simply don’t need them. That’s all done in consultation with their GP. We recently ran an education evening with GPs from right across the Gold Coast; I knew most of the names but hadn’t met them face-to-face. Hearing about these medical and lifestyle benefits is the key to educating GPs about the service we offer.”

Dr Silverman and the Peak Program team will be running more education evenings to spread the word about their valuable work.



What is The Peak Program?

This is a specialist surgical weight loss program which delivers multi-disciplinary knowledge, skills and support. Dr Silverman is the Principal Surgeon of the Peak Program and works in consultation with a team of dedicated health professionals. Dr Silverman is currently the only female robotic bariatric surgeon in Queensland. She has over 2000 patients who can attest to her dedication to achieving exceptional surgical outcomes.


What is the aim?

To get you back into ‘Peak’ condition both physically and mentally. This is a holistic program integrating the disciplines of surgery, psychology and nutrition to manage obesity across a wide range of areas. Each area complements the others and provides improved long-terms results and superior quality of life.


Step 1: GP – Your GP is a key member of the Peak multi-disciplinary team and will work with you through this process.

Step 2: Psychologist – Your psychologist will prepare you for your treatment and assist you with coping skills. They will also help you overcome any emotional and behavioural obstacles that may arise along the way.

Step 3: Dietician – Your Peak dietician will provide education and support around food and nutrition. They will help you with meal plans, portion sizes and help you ease into new eating patterns. 

Step 3: Surgery – Dr Candice Silverman will help you explore and evaluate options. She will honestly assess your eligibility for different procedures. You will meet Dr Silverman for an initial consultation and a follow-up prior to your surgery. You will also meet at 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months post surgery.


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For more information visit drcandicesilverman.com.au/peak-program. Here you will find information, FAQs and a series of educational videos.


To make an appointment with Dr Candice Silverman, call the Core Specialist Group at the John Flynn Private Hospital on 07 5598 0955.