Racing Yellow… Dream Drives – Porsche 718 Cayman S


It’s always a great day when the dealer principal of Porsche Centre Gold Coast – Damien Holley hands you the keys to a brand new Cayman 718 S and says enjoy the car. 


So that’s exactly what I did – and it all started from the turn of the key.  This mighty roar came from the exhaust and straight away the smile on my face just became a little wider.


Oozing style and sports car appearance the racing yellow is just WOW and has a stand out factor and dominance on the road. 
You certainly turn heads as you drive through traffic I must say.  
The lights are a fresh new design, the mid-mounted engine air intakes are re-profiled to feed air to the hungry turbo and there’s a distinctive full-width Porsche badge between the tail-lamps.
All wrapped up on Gloss Black 20 inch Carrera S wheels and tyres, which really set the style and increase handling.


The interior, with the latest Porsche Communication Management is super special with the sat-nav and infotainment. The steering wheel adds a mode toggle to flick between Normal, Sport, Sport+ and Individual settings on the fly. The Big change to the new Cayman S is the charismatic 2.9- and 3.4-litre flat sixes, replaced by a 2.0- or 2.5-litre horizontally opposed four-cylinder boxer engines.

This is a very serious racecar.




Performance rated

The new four-cylinder 2.5l Turbo is a whole new feel for the 718 Cayman S moving away from the naturally aspirated 6cylinder. And boy does this new motor have some get up and go.


The new Porsche 718 Cayman S has considerably more muscle to call upon and performance feels great across the range.
Once over the 3000rpm this new motor really starts to sing and makes you realize you’re in a truly amazing sports car. 



How it feels

The driving position is brilliant, for starters. You climb in and sink down into well-positioned sports seats. Visibility is first-class front and rear – this is such an easy car to drive with everything at the touch of a button.


Interior, practicality

Okay, so you might want to save up for a 911 if you need occasional rear seats as the Cayman s is restricted to two-people only. But it’s highly practical for a car of this calibre, with that deep boot up front (150 litres) and a further 125 litres under the rear.
This is not a car you will see at the golf course but rather at the beach or cafe.
It’s all beautifully built and the latest Cayman’s leather dashboard really lifts the ambience, transforming the cabin from functional to junior supercar league special.
This Cayman S feels supremely fast for something with such a small engine and, once you push it past 5000rpm and up to 6500pm, its bark becomes a bellow. This is the noise most of us love to hear as the pedal goes down further.



The Sport Response Button – or push-to-pass function – is also an absolute hoot. It gives you an on-screen countdown of 20 seconds of Maximum Madness, every time you press it. I promise I didn’t press it too often!
As a Porsche owner myself I always appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into such a sportscar and the sheer power that is produced. 
It’s no lie that this brand is one of the hottest in the world and to experience it first hand is an honour…


Dealer – Porsche Centre Gold Coast – 1 Harvest Court, Southport, QLD 4215

T: (07) 5555 7911


Spec Box

Power 257kw 350 Hp at 2497.

Acceleration 0-100 4.6secs.

Top Speed 285km Hour.

Fuel Consumption 8.1.

Colour – Racing Yellow.