Queensland based Roccoco Botanicals making a great impact in the tough world of beauty

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It is a great Queensland business success story, Queensland based Roccoco Botanicals making a great impact in the tough world of beauty.
Jacine Greenwood-Drummond Australian, multi award winning business woman and respected cosmetic chemist is heading to New York, where her company Roccoco Botanicals has been nominated for a prestigious award.
In world often stereotyped by 20 year old instagrammers in the beauty space, Jacine breaks down that image, and has achieved her success by good old fashion hard work and perseverance.
She has had to be creative, tough and resilient overcoming 5 back surgeries, failed marriage and had her kids taken away when crippled with health problems, but she powered on. In some of her most trying times, like 3 back surgeries in one year, she had had greatest growth in her company Roccoco Botanicals.
A cosmetic chemist, that started her business literally over her kitchen sink, will on September 28 in New York, be the first Australian company to be nominated to receive an award in the international industry Cosmetics and Toiletries group’s Allēs Awards.
Past winners in the category Roccoco Botanicals have been nominated for include, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, Belcorp, Kao Brands Co., Procter & Gamble, PZ Cussons, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, AmorePacific, Shiseido, L’Oréal.
The esteemed panel of industry peers includes judges from Chanel, La Perla, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal panel
This is very exciting for the Queensland company.
Jacine’s company Roccoco Botanicals was named in the Financial times Asia-Pacific High Growth Companies in April 2022, coming 133rd overall. This made Roccoco the fastest growing beauty brand in the Asia-Pacific.
Roccoco Botanicals was named in the Australian Financial Review FAST 100 2021. They came 67th but were the only beauty brand, making Roccoco Botanicals the fastest growing beauty brand in Australia.
Roccoco Botanicals are also working with the Kuwaiti royal family on producing a bespoke product in 2023.
The company is 100% Australian owned and all products made in Australia.
Roccoco Botanicals contain between 85-100 % natural ingredients.
The company is also currently in collaboration with an Indigenous owned company using native Australian botanicals to produce antibacterial hand washes, soaps and sprays for construction giant Multiplex’s workforce.
Jacine leaves for New York on September 24.

Jacine Greenwood-Drummond


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