Podcast series memorialising the spirit of Australia

WORDS: Kristen Connell PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

The courage, resilience and mateship that defines the heart of Australia are the centrepieces of the unusual, uplifting and entertaining stories being told through The Flying Doctor Podcast.

From unbelievable stories of survival, of family and friends coming together in times of need; through to an inside look at the operations of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and the amazing people dedicated to bringing emergency and primary health care to the bush, the Flying Doctor Podcast offers a rare insight into our rural and remote communities.

Hosted by Lana Mitchell, The Flying Doctor Podcast has already collected nearly 50 stories of life, love and tragedy across regional and remote Australian.

“Fifty episodes in, my enthusiasm for hearing and sharing these inspiring tales of overcoming adversity against all the odds, incredible acts of bravery, and the strength of the bonds between people, has only grown,” Lana said.

“I look forward to unearthing and bringing to light hundreds more stories before I am done.

“The stories I have been privileged to help share through the Flying Doctor Podcast include a beloved daughter who survived being shot at point blank range, people who have tangled with deadly creatures and lived to tell the tale, and a ‘magic’ pudding that travels around Australia bringing light and laughter wherever it goes.

“I think listeners will be as surprised and moved by these uniquely Australian stories as I have been.

“For those of us who have never lived outside a city, it is eye-opening to learn more about our farmers and outback communities.

“Life in the bush can be tough, but people never hesitate to come to one another’s aid, and this is the truth which underpins every episode of The Flying Doctor Podcast.”

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If you or someone you know has a great tale to share or you would like to ask a question or provide feedback on an episode, please contact The Flying Doctor Podcast on (02) 84057928.