Palm Beach Architectural Masterpiece On Track

WORDS: Oean Road Magazine Editorial Team PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Steer Developments forges ahead with exquisite Côte Palm Beach project, bringing an entirely new meaning to “Luxury” for the future.

In the heart of Palm Beach, nestled in a prime location just steps away from the white sandy shores of one of the Gold Coast’s finest beaches, Steer Developments is crafting a masterpiece of coastal luxury – the $51 million Côte Palm Beach project.

With construction underway and completion on track for the end of this year, Côte is set to deliver an exclusive collection of 17 luxurious residences, showcasing innovative craftsmanship, exquisite interiors, and breathtaking ocean views.

However, it’s Côte’s architectural design that sets it apart from other developments. The building’s sculpted façade exhibits timeless sophistication and a visually dynamic form that captures the essence of coastal refinement.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow ample natural light and scenic coastal views to fill the living spaces, illuminating textural finishes and coastal tones that evoke an undeniable sense of warmth and connection to the surrounding landscape.

Expansive balconies in each apartment create superb alfresco settings for everyday living or entertaining while cascading greenery softens the linear form.

Steer Developments is headed by Robert Steer, an entrepreneurial, spirited, young businessman who graduated with a degree in architecture from The University of Sydney.

So it’s no secret that architecture and design in Côte Palm Beach certainly follows Steer Developments’ visionary ethos of designing and delivering high-quality projects.

“I believe, from an architectural perspective, the depth of the built form and how it makes you feel is a big part of the process —  aesthetics will always catch the eye,” explained Mr Steer.

Mr Steer believes that his study of architecture not only brings his visual perspective to the fore, but it drives his passion to deeply understand the physical spaces he creates.

“We wanted to create a space that makes our residents feel something special. It’s about the entire experience. A perfect blend of beauty, luxury, and premium quality with a calm, lush, and peaceful serenity.”

For Robert, the objective is quite simple, yet important – with every development he works on, his focus is to enhance and serve the community,

“Personally, my work is always about identifying a need and then finding a way for the need to be met,” said Mr Steer, “And with vacancy levels and supply at an all-time low in Palm Beach, Côte will help meet the need for more beach-side residential offerings for the area.”

With Palm Beach currently undergoing a renascence, the location of Côte is surrounded by the best of what the coast has to offer, with a vibrant dining and shopping scene and a mix of trendy cafes and restaurants all within walking distance to white sandy beaches.

“We have always appreciated the Gold Coast’s lifestyle and are excited to contribute to its beauty and make an everlasting impact on the southern Gold Coast,” explained Mr Steer.

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