On the road with The Feel Good Family – Resurrection of the Road Trip!

WORDS: Paul and Katie Guerin PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Overseas travel has unravelled, and millions of Australians and their families are happily faced with a wonderful prospect of days gone by… a back to basics road trip with the family all within our own incredibly massive backyard.


This is a chance to witness the world’s oldest continuous living culture, or stay outdoors under the roof of a five billion stars hotel, share a cold beer, an Aussie pie and a good yarn with authentic characters, and best of all do what matters most, connect with family sharing moments that create life-lasting memories!

Discovering treasure in your backyard is akin to discovering something exciting and new for the first time, and although it has always been there, it gives you a sense of pride and ownership in its future.

The unknown creates a sense of adventure, and the support local and domestic travel provides for the rural tourism economy will make you feel like you’ve done your bit in rejuvenating Australia’s tourism landscape. Following on from the never-ending drought, relentless fire season and now COVID19, tourism slogans that cry out to ‘buy local’, ‘travel here this year’, and Queensland’s current ‘Good to Go’ campaigns, are essential messages helping to keep the Australian Spirit alive (and continuing the fight)!

More space and less crowds are a high priority on most people’s wish list, so being closer to the stars makes it easier to social distance right…. With every kilometre you travel further down the road, the light pollution of larger populated areas diminishes and so does the anxiety and stress of the dreaded daily news headlines.

It feels like this is the perfect (reality check) storm, an exciting opportunity for the classic road trip, the quintessential mixed music tape and campfire furphies to resurrect, create new family traditions and instil time tested and real values for our children and their future.

The Feel Good Family, Paul, Katie and their three-year-old son Jasper, are a full-time caravanning family that hail from the Gold Coast, Queensland. Their weekly Family Travel Australia series on YouTube features Australia’s best destinations, family-friendly experiences and travel inspiration to encourage other families to get out of their comfort zone, hit the road and start enjoying the things that matter most…. fresh air, sunshine, and family time enjoying life together!

The Feel Good Family are proud Brand Ambassadors for Windsor and Apollo Built Caravans and OZtrail Australia. You can follow The Feel Good Family on their journey around Australia by visiting their website www.thefeelgoodfamily.com.au and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.