Mystery Box Car Rally – Byron Bay START & FINISH LINE – Raising money for Cancer Research


Almost 400 people from across Australia and the globe are arriving in Byron Bay this week to begin a five-day driving adventure, with no idea where they are going! The charity event is Mystery Box Rally and it’s all about fun and fundraising for Cancer Research. Participants must drive 25+ year old cars thousands of kilometres with that day’s destination revealed each morning. The journey into the unknown also reflects the experience cancer patients face when diagnosed. Our Media Release and some images from last year are attached.


START LINE: 9AM SATURDAY AUGUST 17TH *Cars will arrive from 7.30am*







Serious funds have been raised for Cancer Council in 2019 with fundraising already over $934,000 with the goal of $1 million is in clear sight. Participants are often inspired to participate and fundraise by their own experiences with cancer.


Box Rallies (Mystery Box Rally and Shitbox Rally) has generated over $20 million to cancer research since 2010, helping fund over 24 Cancer Council research projects and assisting millions of Australians who are facing their unknown cancer journeys.


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All videos from past Rallies are here:


LOCAL TEAMS AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW (8 local teams are participating)


Alan and Paul from Lennox Head

Team ‘Where is the Designated Driver’

Alan from Lennox Head is a first-time rallier, deciding to sign up after losing a good friend to pancreatic cancer. Driving with his brother Paul, their team is named ‘Where is the Designated Driver’. “We wanted to do something different and a lot more meaningful, hence signing up to Mystery Box Rally. To be honest when I signed up I thought it was just going to snake up and down the coast on relatively easy roads. Then I watched the Rally video. So now I’m guessing (the route will go through) Cameron Corner or Birdsville via the hard way! I hope we make it.”


Brian and Nicole from Modanville

Team ‘Brainstorm

Husband and wife duo Brian and Nicole from Modanville are about to complete Rally number 3 and are driving a pink and white VP Commodore. They rally to raise money and give back to those who have been touched by the horrible life changing disease. Nicole said ”I am not sure where we could end up, but I hope that we go to places that I have never seen as I have lived most of my life in this area. What we love most about the rally is the daily two-way chatter and the drinks each night sitting around learning more about one another. This is the start of a friendship or otherwise known as the “Rally family” and it has changed our lives in so many ways.”


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