My date with a 911 S Twin Turbo


It’s the car everyone’s talking about – yet few ever get to own. Does the new Porsche Carrera S 911 live up to it’s own hype? Of course it does…


When Damien Holly the Dealer Principal of Gold Coast Porsche asked for the new 911 Carrera S to be featured in ORM’s Dream Drives, it was certainly hard to say no to testing the car everyone is talking about and some can only dream about owning one day.


Everything about PORSCHE is of the highest quality.
Even when I collected the car, you can just see this brand is so well respected in customer service, presentation and innovation which all starts within the Gold Coast showroom here in Harvest Court Southport.
Miami Blue in colour, gorgeous curves and some serious horsepower, not only is this car one of the fastest cars on the road it’s also one of the sexiest and who better to take on the test drive with me, the lovely actress Jessica Green. 


The scenery was set. 
We wanted to take this sexy beast and put it through its paces to prove just how amazing it really is. Winding mountains, nice long sections of straight roads and the perfect retreat for some wine and cheese… Yes you guessed it; we’re off to Mavis’s Kitchen in Yuki.
From the turn of the key when I first left the dealership, I certainly knew I was in for a fun ride ahead. 


Stunning blue with graphite blue/crayon two-tone leather upholstery really sets the scene of this very classy yet aggressive looking sports machine. Being the car enthusiast I am, I think the first button I found was to enhance the exhaust so this, along with the electric slide/tilt glass sunroof, we were nearly ready for lift off.  Suspension setting chosen for the ride – and away we set.


It was 33 degrees outside and the tyres were starting to get very sticky as we set for the winding hills of the famous tweed coast. Mavis’s kitchen is a stunning drive through the Numinbah Valley approximately 50ks west of our coastline. For those who know cars, this is 309kw with 420Hp – a seriously quick motorcar. 


The car was effortless to drive and the PDK Transmission fitted to this model really shows off the faster acceleration and quicker gear changes. Winding roads certainly put the power steering PLUS to good use. 
Unlike conventional hydraulic pumps, the electric motor on the electromechanical power steering only uses energy when the wheel is actually turned. The absence of hydraulic fluid also makes the system more beneficial to the environment as maintenance is no longer required. Great for these very windy roads, there was absolutely no body role the car was simply gliding around this terrain like it was built for these conditions. 
It didn’t take me long to find the long straight sections of very flat but bumpy roads within our journey – 0-100 in 4.1 seconds or 3.9 with sports chrono.


Hang on to your hat – this thing is like a rocket yet so smooth I couldn’t believe it. 
It’s hard to fathom we were so low to the ground, had 305/35 fats on the rear and our ride was as smooth as a baby’s bum!
Porsche Technology is state of the art and reflects through the whole car considering we were also riding on 20-inch RS spyder design wheels. 
In addition, in PDK cars, the dial also gets a ‘push to pass’ style button which Porsche calls Sport Response. When pressed, “the drivetrain is pre-conditioned for maximum acceleration for 20 seconds… In this mode, the optimal gear is engaged and engine management is adjusted for even more spontaneous response for a brief period of time”.
In simple terms HANG ON TIGHT…
It is clear that what Porsche say is very true. In every component of this 911 we have invested years of experience, thousands of ideas and countless hours of development. Even the smallest innovation would fill a book. It’s only when all individual parts work as one that we see this unique technical layout of the 911 S.
It really is craftsmanship at its best.


The sheer pleasure this car brings to the driver is amazing and my 50-minute journey felt like only five minutes behind the wheel.
I just wanted to keep driving…
We entered the lovely Restaurant at Mavis’s Kitchen grassed area for a well-deserved wine and cheese platter for which we thank our great friends Peter and Charlie.
Parked on the lawn for some stunning photos, it didn’t take long for this to be the feature of the day with almost every guest coming down for photos and to simply admire such a masterpiece by Porsche.
The interior is a real stand out on this car. You can really see it in the sporty design. And it communicates itself with every second of driving due to excellent ergonomics and comfort.
The new sports steering wheel speaks the language of motorsport. The design is based on the steering wheel of the 918 spyder and combines style with purism and a high level of functionality.
It was time to take this tourist attraction and return to the road where this car belongs…  


As I started the 309kw engine again the restaurant diners were quick to their feet for their last glimpses prior to our departure. The 911 S is extremely quick and with speed and performance also comes safety. The S model is equipped with six-piston aluminium Monobloc fixed brake callipers in red at the front and four-piston equivalents at the rear. 
“Twin Tailpipes in brushed Stainless Steel!”
Well S does stand for ‘Sport’ doesn’t it?
As we made our way through the winding roads of the sugar cane and picturesque mountaintops, I was enjoying every last minute I had with this car before returning it to Damien and the team back on the Gold Coast. 
I was simply taking in all that I had read about this machine and really appreciating every function that it’s possible to alter as you approach different terrain. 
Porsche you really have impressed me once again. I highly recommend readers contact the team at Porsche Gold Coast to arrange a personal viewing of the 911 S.


Porsche 911 Carrera S specifications:
Price: $319,900
Engine: 3.0-litre twin-turbo petrol flat six-cylinder
Output: 309kW/420hp @6,500rpm
Transmission: Seven-speed PDK dual-clutch
Fuel: 7.7/100km (NEDC Combined)
CO2: 174g/km (NEDC Combined)
Dealership: Porsche Gold Coast