Model of the Month: Ellie Brinkman: @elliebrinkman

WORDS: Mandy St George - Que Models PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Getting to know Ellie Brinkman from Que Models.

We find out more about her passion for modelling, healthy lifestyle and her goals leading more into the fashion and modelling industry.


  1. Tell us about about yourself – where did you grow up and what is your background?

My name is Ellie Brinkman, I’m 21 years old, born and raised on the Gold Coast. My mum is from Melbourne and my dad is from South Africa. I moved to Sydney after finishing school to work full time as a model. Due to covid, I moved back to the Gold Coast to be closer to family and friends and continue modelling full time.


  1. Favourite thing about your hometown?

My favourite thing about the Gold Coast is that it’s such a chill little coastal city. There are so many great cafes to go for coffee and breakfast. The beach is at my doorstep and such incredible weather. On the other hand, the Gold Coast hinterland is only a short drive away and there are so many beautiful waterfalls and hikes to do. It’s such a pretty city with so many outdoor things to do!

  1. How long have you been modelling for, and how were you scouted?

I’ve been modelling for 7 years. A photographer scouted me at 14 in my local fruit market. I had never thought about modelling before but decided to give it a go. She took some images and sent them to and agency in Sydney. My mum and I flew down a week later and I signed with my first agency there. I signed with Que models on the Gold Coast shortly after and modelled part time during school. When I finished school I decided to pursue modelling full time and I’ve been doing that since!


  1. What do you love to do in your free time?

In my spare time I love to spend it being active. I walk almost every day and do reformer pilates 3 times a week which I really love. I enjoy going on little camping trips over the weekend and spending some down time at the beach.

  1. Healthy morning rituals that you follow to kick start your day on a positive note?

I love starting my day freshening up by taking a shower, followed by my skin care routine. I then either, walk or drive to get my iced latte and catch up with my friends at my local cafe. If I have a day off I like to be productive and get things done. This then sets me up for a positive day!


  1. What do you love enjoy about modelling?

One of the best things about my job as a model is being able to work with so many different people. I get to meet a new face every time I go to work and be a part of their creative journeys too! I’ve made life long friendships and connections all around the world. I also love to be able to show my more creative side. And share this side of me with likeminded people. No photo shoot or job is the same and that’s what makes it so exciting.

  1. Tips for any upcoming models?

I have a few tips for upcoming models! I used these when I was first starting out and I found they really helped me develop as a model. My first tip would be to watch other models. Watch how they move, copy their poses and facial expressions. Then practice these in front of the mirror at home. Same goes for catwalk. Watch runway shows then practice in your heels. My second tip would be not worry about what others think of you. Sometimes the sillier you feel the better the photo will look. Be confident. And lastly, there will always be someone else on set who can give you some ideas or inspiration. If you get stuck, ask!


  1. What is your dream goal to be as a model?

My dream goal as a model would be to work internationally. Due to covid I haven’t had the chance to travel overseas. I would love to work with some high fashion brands around the world. I’ve always wanted to travel and to be able to have the opportunity to do it while doing a job that I love is incredible.