Margarita Cello: fresh and zesty, made with premium Aussie limes, three different citruses and its own triple sec.

WORDS: Katie Lettice PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Manly Spirits Co, the liquor company known for its premium, handcrafted Australian Gin, Whisky, Botanical Vodka and Liqueurs, has extended its impressive range with the launch of Margarita Cello; a perfectly balanced citrus liqueur with fresh lime juice for the perfect ‘margie’ cocktail  – just add tequila and pour!

Tastebuds are in for a treat with this intense lime citrus backbone from fresh lime zest and juice, a floral Australian botanical nose of rainforest lime, lemon aspen and myrtle with a hint of sweetness in the body and subtle sherbety zesty finish. The home bartender simply pours, shakes and strains for a delicious cocktail, taking the hard work out of the process.

“Margarita Cello was created in Manly Spirits Co.’s on-site laboratory by our team of passionate experts. The process involves using the whole lime from zest and flesh, through to fresh juice. We steep lime, lemon and orange zest for a month, releasing the beautiful flavour profiles of the citrus fruits.

We then combine that with the native botanicals of lemon aspen and lemon myrtle, and fresh lime juice to create the balance of crisp zesty citrus and a sweet sherbet mouth feel.” said Vanessa Wilton, Creative Director of Manly Spirits.

Margarita Cello ($60, 700ml bottle) can be purchased at select retailers and online via Product is available for delivery nationwide.

Learn how to make delicious and refreshing cocktails at home today, with these Margarita Cello inspired recipes that won’t disappoint!


Honey Bush Tommy’s


45ml Tequila

45 ml Margarita Cello

1 1/2 teaspoon bush honey


Shake all the ingredients, pour into a glass full of ice and garnish.


Lime Zest Glass: Rocks glass



Margarita Cello Paloma


30 ml Tequila

30 ml Margarita Cello

10 ml sugar syrup

Top grapefruit soda


Shake the tequila with the Margarita Cello and the sugar syrup.

Pour into a glass, fill with ice and top with grapefruit soda.


Pink grapefruit wedge




Spicy Margarita


45ml Tequila

45 ml Margarita Cello

1 slice bird eye chilli

1 slice green jalapeño chilli


Garnish your glass first.

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker, add the chilli and the jalapeño, and generally muddle.

Shake all the ingredients and strain.


Salt and salt bush rim


Margarita glass



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