Making The Connection


Travel isn’t just about sightseeing – it’s an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in another culture. Breaking down the cultural wall is possible despite any language barrier… 


The experience of travel is, I believe, a connection between human emotion, people, culture and food. Travel isn’t just about sightseeing; I encourage my travellers to immerse themselves fully into the destination. We most definitely should visit historical sites, museums and famous music halls but we should also spend time in a corner park, drink beer in a local pub, buy food from a street vendor and wander the streets. Most of all we should meet people, regardless of the language barrier. I’ve always found that the cultural wall between us is only about a foot-and-a-half high, easy to step over with just a little guidance.
Today’s travellers are seeking more authentic and engaging itineraries then ever before.  Enjoying thought provoking journeys that transport them from the everyday. Below are just a few of the experiences Vanessa has hand crafted recently to get you dreaming of your next travel adventure.
A family with teenage children wanting to reconnect due to the pressures of term life and the digital age completing a 12-day self-guided journey on the Camino De Santiago in North West Spain. Walking, singing, chatting and being ‘present’ as they traversed 15-20kms per day through rolling Spanish countryside. Safe in the knowledge that their luggage had been transferred to small, family run boutique hotels with home cooked meals ahead of them.
Female-only adventures, including an expedition to the remote and less-travelled reaches of Morocco. With local guides, private transport and real life experiences – and the added focus on female travel and empowerment, a unique opportunity for women to blaze the trail in an incredible but often conservative country – without compromising on safety.
Mobile hotels (Tundra Buggies) rolling over frozen Hudson Bay in Canada to view polar bears. Igloos with glass roofs enabling guests to stare at the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and expedition ships, no longer the purview of governments and scientists, safely and responsibly explore Antarctica, the Arctic, the Galapagos Islands and Alaska. Happy Travels!



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About the author:
Vanessa Tokatly has been a leading Travel Advisor for over 10 years with Travel Associates, the premium brand of the internationally recognised FCTG. Having travelled extensively across the globe visiting 26 different countries across 6 of the 7 continents, Vanessa joins the Ocean Road Magazine Team with her insights and ideas on travelling the World.