Kiyomi launches new menu and new private dining space

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Japanese signature dining experience, Kiyomi, has opened its doors with an elevated look and feel, delivering on its promise of an ambience anchored by ritual and art.

The Star Gold Coast’s acclaimed Japanese restaurant, Kiyomi, is taking the ordinary to the extraordinary, showcasing its collision of ritual and art throughout its interiors, elevated menu and a brand-new private dining space.

The creative philosophy of Ritual and Art brings theatre to Kiyomi for a multi sensorial experience, promising unexpected twists to dining, and a lasting impression on guests to return for more.

Guests seated in the 112-seat main dining space, including the bar and sushi counter, will experience contemporary mood lighting and a warm, welcoming ambience that plays delightfully with a hint of traditional Japanese calligraphy artwork across the walls. The entry experience has been further refined, welcoming
guests with a lavish blend of raw and transformative textures.

The space is also elevated with a new 16-seat private dining space, thoughtfully designed to create an intimate and moody dining experience that uplifts the senses. The space features dramatic textures, innovative lighting, and bold graphic artwork, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese elements and
the venue’s sophisticated aesthetic. The design aims to provide a luxurious and engaging environment for all guests, enhancing the overall ambiance of Kiyomi.

The Star Gold Coast General Manager of Food and Beverage, Events, Richard Gush, says the collision of ritual and art is not only a roadmap for creating incredible dishes but also an entire sensory journey that will captivate all who visit.

“Kiyomi is a Japanese dining experience as excitingly modern as it is beautifully traditional. We want all who visit to have a lasting impression,” Mr Gush said.

“We want the Gold Coast to stay top of mind as a world-class tourism and entertainment destination, so continuing to invest and expand what we offer here at The Star will only help to attract even more people to our beautiful city.”

Kiyomi is where time-honoured Tokyo craftsmanship meets Australia’s gastronomic adventurousness and offers an exquisite bridge between Japanese culinary tradition and delicious, modern innovation.

Led by Chef Winson Law, who has been at the helm of Kiyomi as Head Chef for seven years and is thrilled to be steering this next culinary chapter.

“It is a really exciting time for Kiyomi. We have created a new menu that leans into the umami-rich flavours of miso and soy sauce, as well as the delicate nuances of dashi, which are becoming some of the most requested flavours on the Gold Coast,” Law said.

“We are fortunate in Australia to have some of the best ingredients and freshest seafood, which complements our Japanese-inspired dishes. One of our most popular dishes is because of the quality of Australian Wagyu beef. Its exquisite marbling and melt-in-your-mouth texture really brings a meal to life.

“It’s these exceptional ingredients and a new level of finesse that forms the culinary philosophy at Kiyomi.

We really try to create memorable dining experiences that celebrate the best of both Japanese and Australian cuisine.”

New dishes to the menu include Red Snapper, Sashimi and Kombujime Amaebi with pickled Daikon and Ginger Lime dressing; Mooloolaba Prawn Toast with Karashi miso, Spanner Crab and Cabbage; plus, aged Pork Tomahawk with Apple wasabi, Pork jus with Okinawa black sugar.

The new private dining space will also be offering an exclusive Omakase experience that will feature the finest Australian produce.

Matching a delectable menu, Kiyomi will offer a sophisticated beverage selection, featuring a comprehensive collection of Sakes, Japanese whiskies, world-class wine and champagne, and extraordinary cocktails that reflect the local spirit.

Guests will have the opportunity to experience Kiyomi’s new look, feel and taste and reserve an exclusive dining experience in the private dining room from 23 May 2024. The new private dining space will be open for lunch, offering a selection of set menus and a Sushi and Sashimi grazing table. For dinner, guests can

choose from a 10-course Omakase menu or the Premium Omakase menu, featuring a Chef demonstration.


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