Kids Yoga

WORDS: Kingston Yoga, Jemymah PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Looking for fun ways to keep your kids fit, healthy and calm this Summer?

Chances are that your kids have already tried yoga and meditation. Schools, TV, YouTube and even Tik Tok have been promoting yoga for kids and they are loving it!


It helps increase: Strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, relaxation, kindness, mindfulness, self-awareness, patience, calmness, self esteem, contentment, creativity, compassion and joy.


Allow them to have fun and release as much energy as they need. Don’t expect them to be immediately calm. A technique I like to use is to choose an animal…everyone makes the animal noise and emulates it’s moves. It gets your kids thinking, involved, and moving around in unusual ways that helps to release energy and increase mobility and flexibility.

You can play with energetic animals/poses as well as more chilled animals and poses depending on what you want to promote at the time. The kids respond really well to the surprise and contrast so variety is key.

To help you practice yoga at home with your whole family, Kingston Yoga will be releasing a Kids Yoga e-book and paperback this year. It will allow your child to read along and do the poses themselves or why not get involved with them?

A sample of the stunning illustrations shown below and the poetic descriptions of some traditional and not so traditional yoga poses by Kingston Yoga are sure to create hours of fun for your family to do together.