Italian Long Lunch @ FINS Plantation House, Duranbah – Saturday 6th August, 2022. 1pm

WORDS: Fins Plantation House PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Usher -

Italian Long Lunch

Craving a European holiday?
Chef Snowy has just returned from a month in Italy and has crafted a 4 course menu inspired by his travels.

Join us for a long table experience at our exclusive events venue Fins at Plantation House.


Puglian Antipasto grazing down the table

Capunti pasta, Tweed King prawns, local snapper, fresh squid, capers, lemon & white wine, cherry tomato, prawn shell sauce

Wood fired beef fillet, radicchio, soft polenta, Parmigiano Reggiano, gremolata

Chocolate pannacotta, zabaglione, hazelnut crumb, espresso gelato