Importance of timely rubbish removal



It’s 2020 already and it’s about time that you start educating yourself and the ones around you regarding the utmost importance of hygiene and the issues related to it. Everyone has different ways to deal with the trash generated from your house. Some of us may collect it in the dustbin; some of us may collect it in a paper or plastic bag. While most of us are considerate, some of us may be lazy enough to just leave where the trash is and not care enough to just pick it up.


This could possibly be because of the epitome of un-awareness in us. While it’s important to dispose of your trash off, timing is very important. Many people will delay disposing of their trash which can have many negative consequences.


However, this problem may occur both at a micro and macro level. At a macro level, federal governments tend to face problems disposing of a substantial amount of trash in their vicinity. Some environmental organizations are focusing on the importance of rubbish removal in Sydney with punctuality as it aids in recycling and eco-saving. While this is a prevalent problem, we need to be aware that’s why do we have to remove rubbish punctually in the first place. Following are some negative effects of not removing rubbish timely:


Release of toxins and bacteria


This is by far the most important health concern that has been popular globally. Many organizations are trying to solve this issue and by far progress has been made. Trash already comes from awful sources which may contain molecular bacteria. Food items are abundant in this kind of toxic bacteria which are known as “Pathogenic Bacteria”. These kinds of bacteria decompose in landfills easily and if present in large amounts, can serve harm to the population near them by instances such as food poisoning.

Many bacteria can react negatively with one another and hence cause more negative effects on the human body. One such bacterium is “Salmonella”. This bacterium can be spread by overfilled garbage bins and landfills. Widespread effects of this harmful and dangerous bacterium include typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, and other harmful diseases.

Children can be less tolerant of these harmful parasites so you mustn’t let your child play near an area that contains a lot of waste or has just been declared as a local landfill.


Loss of scenic beauty


Yet again, this problem occurs both at the macro and micro levels. At a macro level, leaving a huge amount of trash in one place for a long period can provide a negative impact on sight-seers and foreigners visiting our country. It will for sure provide an unpleasant aroma in the air. At a micro level, collecting trash inside your home for a long period or leaving it unattended is a bad idea because of the negative impression it will serve to your guests.


Much of the rubbish generated from our households is re-usable and the fact that most of us are unaware of that is worrisome. The rubbish collected in disposal areas needs to reach the respective organizations to be sorted out and then further processed to be re-cycled. If this is not done on time, many of the material that could be re-cycled may not be used anymore.



The burden on local bodies or government


Imagine collecting thousands of tons of trash in an area and then having difficulties disposing of it off just because no more space is available. You preferably don’t want to get into that situation so it is very important to deal with it on time. It can be costly on a government’s budget afterward and resources tend to be scarce.


The burden on the environment

If huge amounts of waste have been collected, local bodies tend to be lazy at times and dispose of it in places that are not meant to be polluted for example the see or local wildlife. This harms the natural population that is meant to be conserved rather than polluted.


Financial incentive

This tedious process can help you make money as well. Timely disposing of your waste can result in you earning a substantial sum of money. All you need to do is set a limited time frame to dispose of the waste. On a micro level, selling small amounts of waste won’t get you enough money but it will be good if you hire a worker or a manager that could do this task for you.


Harmful to the safety of the ones around us

Waste can contain dangerous items such as glass, sharp objects, and dangerous rusty metals. This could be certainly very harmful to everyone including children who tend to play more outdoors. You could be burdened on your wallet by spending weeks in the hospital. This is not only harmful to humans but also the animals around us. Street cats and dogs tend to search for food in waste humps and they can ingest small plastic and glass items that could block their intestine and cause them injuries.  Timely and duly removing the waste makes the area safer for all, animals and humans.


Air pollution

It also hurts the air we breathe in. This is because huge amounts of waste collectively can release obnoxious gases in the environment than can be a possible contender for ozone layer depletion and other environmental concerns. The harmful gases that are a result of over waste collection include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. This is caused by the decomposition of liquid waste items and we can identify these toxic gases in our everyday life by bad odors.  The transmission of parasites can also take place. Governments and local organizations should be more important due to the scenic beauty of the area, due to the financial incentive gained and due to the reputation of the government or their own organization.

Once people are fully aware of this environmental crisis, they will start taking action on their own. This can be done by a policy adapted called the “Nudge Theory”, whereby governments can persuade the local residents by incorporating small “nudges” in advertisements such as a child coughing due to garbage pollution or an injured dog due to the ingestion of plastic.



Although it’s important to be educated about the negative effect of this problem, it’s equally important to take any action to solve the potential crisis and stop it from growing further. This can be done by a collective effort of both legal authorities and local households. People on a micro-level can reduce the consumption of unnecessary items thereby reducing unnecessary waste that is produced.

These small nudges could possibly motivate people to reduce their waste. This is a far more modern government policy to reduce the social costs arisen from this act that creates both a negative externality of consumption and production.


Hence, with collective efforts, all of us can achieve new heights and for sure, by our knowledge and motivation, make this world a better and healthier place to live, eat, sleep, study and enjoy!