HUSK’S Botanical Cane Spirit – From Botanic to Bottle.

WORDS: Kylie Mitchell-Smith @travellingsenorita PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied - Husk Distillery

Introducing HUSK Botanic – rum for the gin connoisseur.
Husk Distillers have launched into 2021 with an Australian first. A botanical cane spirit distilled with tangy grapefruit, fresh lemon myrtle and native strawberry gum leaf, now available in bottle shops across the country.

Husk is the home of Ink Gin (Australia’s second-biggest craft gin brand) and the renowned makers of Australia’s first agricultural rum, so it was only a matter of time before a happy matrimony between rum and gin would occur in a new product.

Traditionally Australian rum is derived from molasses but the team at Husk Distillers do things a little differently, creating a pure cane rum with sugarcane harvested 100% from their Northern NSW distillery farm.

Leading the burgeoning craft rum craze in Australia, the new Husk Botanic has been designed with native botanicals to mix easily with tonic to entice the most discerning G&T lover.

The aim was to capture the provenance of this spectacular region in a spirit – the natural extension of Australia’s foodie culture is ‘paddock to bottle’ drinks. Husk intends to show Australian’s how pure and tasty rum can be-It’s not all about dark rum and coke.
With a comparable complexity profile to whisky, rum is much harder and more time consuming to make than gin. There are no shortcuts to producing this premium tipple.

Head Distiller Quentin Brival said, “Each glass of Botanic and tonic is the result of countless hours farming our sugarcane, 1 year of growing, 4 days of harvesting and crushing, weeks of fermentation, more than 50 hours preparing botanicals, 5 days of distillation, months of resting and blending and days of bottling.”

Husk Distillery is ideally located in Tumbulgum in the Tweed Valley, Northern NSW under the watchful eye of Wollumbin Mt Warning. Immersed in the Gondwana Rainforest with daily and annual temperature changes that aid the maturation dynamics that define the taste of Husk spirits.

Inspired by the Caribbean culture and the French islands agricultural style of rum, Husk production methods were designed to complement the local provenance and sugarcane varieties-which, in turn, suit the Australian palate.
Welcome to the new way to taste Australian rum, the Husk Botanic way – direct from the paddock to the bottle, enjoy!

*HUSK Botanic Launch Event Garden Party, Saturday 6th February 4.30-7.30pm-$69
for further information visit www.huskdistillers.com