How to Style Workout Leggings


WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Once upon a time, leggings were only reserved for the gym and a quick run from your car to the gym. Today, however, designers took this piece of wardrobe and made it chic. Modern leggings can be found in all patterns and colors imaginable and created with a mix of quality fabrics that can look good on your casual outing and at the gym. If you’re still having doubts about how and when to wear workout leggings, you’ll find several great recommendations here, for all the stages in your life. 

Opt for matte materials

First things first, when choosing your workout leggings, pay attention to the material, not only design. If you want a versatile piece of clothing, make sure to opt for matte fabrics. These also come in many colors and designs, but look more elegant and versatile than shinny fabrics. 

Look stylish on your way to the gym

If you don’t want to change at the gym, you can throw something like this on at home: a gray sweater, gray chunky scarf and a pair of colorful workout leggings. To boost coziness, a knit hat will also fit the look. This outfit is perfectly layered and you won’t look embarrassing at all while you go from your car to your gym or make a stop to grab a post-workout drink. 

Look amazing at the gym

The primary use of workout leggings is naturally at the gym to provide you with comfort and mobility and wick away the sweat. If you want to look sharp yet comfy at the gym, there are many ideas that can easily be transformed into hangout outfits. For instance, you can start with the basics and wear a long-sleeved slim-fit t-shirt over a pair of workout leggings with a high waist. The red and black combo looks amazing for every occasion so you can start with that. 

Layer for the win

Layering is a great trick that will give your outfit depth and boost functionality. For instance, you can pair your workout leggings with a workout bra and a loose scoop neck tank top over it. A pair of classic black or white sneakers will nicely complement the outfit and allow you to have a killer workout to a comfortable stroll around town. 

Dust off your duster

If you want to make your workout leggings work for other activities besides the gym, grab your trusted duster and elevate your simple leggings. If you pair a long sleeve t-shirt or sweater with your leggings (choose eco-friendly leggings if you’re a hardcore environmentalist), it will make your duster pop and make you look polished and elegant. This outfit can be rocked to work on casual Fridays and lazy brunches with friends. No one will even notice you’re wearing gym clothes! 

Throw on comfy booties

If you’re reading this in winter, don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your favorite leggings. Throw on your most comfortable neutral leggings and pair them with an oversized sweater. To anchor the outfit, complete the look with black booties and voila—you have an outfit you can wear on repeat all through the cold months. Pro tip: make sure your sweater ends right around your upper thigh. If it doesn’t you can put on a button-up underneath your sweater for extra length, interest and layers. 

Finish with accessories

To add some details to your look, you can hit the gym or town with some cool shades, a baseball hat and a structured leather jacket. If the weather is hot, you can opt for a hoodie and tie it around your waist. Just make sure that your accessories have at least a touch of a sporty feel to them. 

As you can see, your leggings are perfect for the gym but they are not only reserved for sweating. Now that you know a few tricks on how to style workout leggings, you can rock them whenever you want and enjoy all the support and comfort you need throughout the day.