How to Maintain the Zen


I hear comments all the time such as, “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga” or “I’m as flexible as a rusty gate.” This is a very common reaction to why people haven’t tried yoga before. BUT isn’t it just like saying, “I’m too dirty to take a bath” or “I’m too poor to get a job”?

Some simple things to try at home right now.


After 17 years working as a lawyer, military veteran Jem has decided to spread the zen. Experiencing first hand the physical and physiological effects that a high intensity career and lifestyle can have, she has taken the time to change her life and take as many people along for the ride to find and maintain the zen as often as possible.

Growing up on the Gold Coast gave her a fabulous basis of living the good life. Maybe too good. Enjoying the water, endless sunshine and social lifestyle. As fun as this was, it took a toll. Countless distractions, materialistic goals and an emphasis on appearance became less important to her as values such as kindness, respect and loyalty became her new priorities in life.

Now yoga including philosophy, breathing and meditation has become an every day habit that she practices and shares online, in-studio and at events around Australia.


Meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises all do wonders for your mind, body and soul. Find what works best for you.

To be still in the body and mind is the most healing thing you can do. Meditation is like a shower for your mind. Your mind needs to be cleansed, sorted and reset regularly. If you’re thinking I can’t meditate because my mind wont let me then you need this immediately!

Start by doing a simple tea (or other beverage) meditation. Prepare a cup of tea, feel it, smell it, connect with it. Focus on the tea and the present moment to train your mind to settle. Drink the tea enjoying the sensations and flavours. Try and keep your thoughts relevant and positive for the duration of the tea. Then be amazed at the creative space you can cultivate by being still and slowing down your thoughts.

Mahatma Ghandi said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

Simple breathing exercise:

Ocean Breath (Ujjayi Breath):

A technique to calm your sympathetic nervous system. You can do this on its own or during your yoga practice or with the simple stretches below. It boosts oxygen consumption and lengthens and smooths your breaths. Gently constrict the opening of your throat on exhalation making a soft, ocean like sound, like waves rolling in and out. This breathing builds internal heat and energy while also calming your mind. Practice this breath for at least 10 inhales and exhales. You will notice immediate energising yet calming effects.

Life Lessons:

Before you react ask yourself, is it reasonable? Is it helpful?

Your intuition is your greatest superpower. Nurture it.

When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.

Don’t trip over something behind you.

So far you have survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great!


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Online Membership:

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