HOTA Gallery is changing the way we see the Gold Coast

WORDS: Georgia Inwood PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied - HOTA

The Gold Coast has long been synonymous with golden sands, waves of ocean blue, and holidaymakers. A destination wrapped in coastal culture, rollercoaster thrills, and laidback locals, the city has continued to blossom into a one-stop location for the ultimate stay. Not ordinarily known as cultural hotspot, HOTA (which stands for ‘Home of the Arts, pronounced ‘hot-a’) rests as the ground-breaking arts hub making waves of its own.

First to catch your eye when you visit HOTA is the Gallery. The largest public gallery outside of a capital city, spanning six levels and adorned with vibrant multi-coloured panels; the state-of-the-art HOTA Gallery is home to over 4,400 works that makeup the $32 million City Collection. Drawing people away from the beaches and shopping centres and onto the HOTA Precinct and into the HOTA Gallery, the constantly evolving program of permanent and visiting exhibitions has ushered the Gold Coast into a new era.

HOTA Gallery is backed by 17 hectares of scenic parklands, an award-winning outdoor stage that comes to life to the sounds of the biggest names, two cinemas, a casual fine dining restaurant, and a cocktail bar with gorgeous skyline views. A mouthful, isn’t it?

Sitting alongside the many cultural centres across Australia, HOTA is separated by one thing – where else will you find so much in one spot?

An all you can see and do experience, HOTA Gallery has changed the way visitors see the Gold Coast. The coastal paradise, still home to amazing beaches and glistening seas, but can now be known as a thriving hotspot for all things culture and arts.

Poised to be the cheery-on-top of your next visit, you’d be amiss to leave a visit to HOTA off your next GC Itinerary.