Hickey Lawyers’ Family Law

WORDS: PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Usher - plus supplied

Leading Gold Coast law firm Hickey Lawyers has added a Family Law offering to its long-established practice.

After excelling in the commercial and property law space throughout its 27-year history, it is a logical progression for the firm to provide a specialist Family Practice, an area of law that complements the firm’s existing skill set.

Managing Partner Mark Lacy says the firm takes an integrated approach with the Family Law services.“Hickey Lawyers has long-established relationships with many of our clients and over the years we’ve been approached by some to handle their family law matters,” he says.

“It’s wonderful to be able to offer that service directly whilst being in the fortunate position of leveraging further on the commercial team’s expertise in advising on complex corporate structures and entities.

“There is a natural synergy between property, commercial and family law. Most family law cases involve some sort of property settlement and/or business settlement.”

Hickey Lawyers Family Law offers all areas of specialised service including divorce and separation, property settlements, parenting matters, prenuptial and binding financial agreements, mediation and international matters.

Hickey Lawyers understands the importance of providing the client the highest standards of professional, straightforward advice, knowledge, support and accessibility of service.

“Jill Wolff, Special Counsel, understands how challenging and unfamiliar a relationship breakdown can be, particularly in cases requiring intricate corporate structures and high-conflict parenting cases.”

Hickey Lawyers aim to provide you with unparalleled support and guidance throughout the entire process by ensuring we conduct your matter as follows:

  • Provide you with consistent and detailed updates which outline the next steps involved to progress your matter;
  • Ensure we are easily contactable and responsive;
  • Adapt and modify our strategy as your family law matter progresses;
  • Generate different options for you throughout the process and provide you with detailed advice about the likely expected outcome from each option; and
  • Provide you with regular, updated cost estimates so that you can anticipate and plan without any unexpected surprises.

Jill has been exclusively practising family law since 2013 and joined Hickey Lawyers in October, 2020, heading the Family Law division and bringing experience, knowledge and a pragmatic approach to the firm. Jill has acquired a wealth of experience across all aspects of Family Law and related legal matters.

“One of the most important parts of the job is to make our clients feel at ease during this difficult period in their lives. Providing guidance and showing compassion is important, but also giving them real advice, in terms of what the reality of a situation is, if their case is complex and there is no settlement.”

Jill focuses on getting people in and out of the system as quickly as possible before the client asset pool begins to dwindle, securing the client a resolution that is good and fair and as pain free as possible.

Jill is able to service her family law clients in a way she has never been able to because she has the support of her team, who specialise in different areas.

“If one of my clients has a trust or a company or an intricate structure in terms of assets, I can work together with lawyers in my team and make sure our client walks away with the best results,” she says.

Clients choosing Hickey Lawyers can rest assured their Family Law experts will provide the best advice and guidance, no matter how complex their case.