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January 5, 2020

Magic United FC has grown to more than 500 players...

For us, 2019 was a successful year in terms of the club’s strategic planning.
Having worked with Gold Coast Knights FC throughout 2018 and 2019 to send the best talent to the SAP (Skills Acquisition Program) and NPL (National Premier Leagues), we were left with the task of replenishing numbers across all ages at Magic United FC. 
Our technical directors, Robbie Smith (b...

January 5, 2020

Ideas that change the world can come from anywhere. But when they come from the ground up and pave the way for company-wide change, you sit up and take notice.

This is exactly what is happening at the iconic Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Gold Coast.

Recognising the hotel was using too many plastic bottles, the team set about finding a solution to the waste. Vestal Water was contacted and began a passion project to reduce waste.


December 17, 2019

Introducing BellyUp – the new generation probiotic drink

Introducing BellyUp, a unique combination of probiotics and superfoods designed to provide health benefits without sacrificing flavour. BellyUp is a healthy drink that is 99% sugar free, gluten, dairy and alcohol free and good for your gut that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Henry Blooms is the vitamin brand behind BellyUp, a range of effervescent bio-fermented drinks that...

December 3, 2019

Leading a healthy lifestyle is essential and can lead to a longer happier life. You be surprised the simple changes, and your lifestyle can be compelling without You happening to change everything about yourself to make these changes. Risks of various diseases can be reduced when making these simple changes. According to a research, drinking in moderation, proper physical activity, avoiding smoking, and eating a healthy diet p...

The Senior Vet of the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, Dr Michael Pyne has issued a statement surrounding the current situation for wild koalas in Australia.

The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world, admitting 11 500 patients per year.

Alongside his team, Dr Pyne has facilitated the treatment of over 500 koalas this year.

Fires across Australia and the extended drought have had a huge impa...

November 7, 2019

Why kids need mindfulness, Gold Coast single Mum takes kids
Yoga product International.

As we all strive to live more mindful lives, our kids also need tools to help them cope with a stressful
world. Its estimated that around one in seven Australian kids experience mental health issues and about half of all serious mental health issues in adulthood begin before the age of 14. (1)

According to the World Health Organisation (2017...

Movember returns next month with a focus on the men’s health crisis in regional and rural Australia.

The latest figures show that men living in regional Queensland have much higher mortality rates for both prostate cancer and suicide than men living in the Greater Brisbane region. For rural men in Queensland the mortality rate for prostate cancer is approximately 5% higher and the suicide rate among rural men in Queensland is a...

If you’re looking for a topic of discussion guaranteed to divide opinion, it’s the medical use of cannabis. ORM seeks expert opinion on new research from The University of Queensland.

Cannabis-based medicines should only be used under medical supervision until clinical studies have assessed their safety and efficacy, a University of Queensland drug expert has cautioned.

Professor Wayne Hall from UQ’s Centre for Youth Substance...

Dr Maziar at GC Perio is providing patients with brand-new smiles — and peace of mind. ORM headed to Runaway Bay to find out more.

Gum disease is inflammation of the gums and damage to the bone, which anchors teeth in the jaws. Studies suggest that it affects around 20 per cent of Australian adults. Some studies show an even higher percentage. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss.

Dr Maziar at GC Perio opened sever...

October 6, 2019

Among the day-to-day dramas of life, we can’t always find ‘simple’ upfront. Ironically, simple takes effort, mixed with slowing down and, metaphorically speaking, a peeling of layers off the self. Often, when we look back it was there all along, either hidden among the chaos or we just didn’t have the right lens. Simplicity is funny like that — sometimes elusive, but almost always present. Sometimes you just need to know where...

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